Winter Wonderland

Ugh, can Christmas come sooner?? 

I am currently prepping for finals, and it's just dreadful. But on the bright side, my holiday spirit is growing bigger now that Christmas break is just around the corner! Once I'm done with all these papers and exams, I won't have to worry about studying for classes for three weeks. Plus, I get to celebrate my favorite holiday and go to Florida for New Years! 

On the other note, I took some time off of studying to post a winter-based outfit idea. I'm been waiting for a long time to show this outfit, I love it so much! It hasn't been super snowy in Ohio this December (which is super weird), but it's still a good idea to bundle up for the chill winter air. 

The blouse and the skirt are both new and fresh from Francesca's, the store with the best outfits and jewelry in the world. The material in the blouse is super soft, it feels so comfortable and not tight. The skirt is super soft, too. It's also very flowy and has cute little snowflake designs. Nothing better than dressing for winter the fun way! 

Headshot with close-up of the scarf. 

Headshot with close-up of the scarf. 

I forget where my infinity scarf is from which I feel  bad about. But I'm sure you can find very similar scarves with the same color or design, maybe you'll even find the actual one! If you do, please let me know!

My shoes are from Dillards while my black tights are from Target, which sells a variety of colors and brands. High boots are also good with this outfit, too! 

I thought the telephone looked funny. Hahaha! 

I thought the telephone looked funny. Hahaha! 


I have more winter-based outfit ideas yet to come, including some early summer ideas when I go to Florida after Christmas. Also stayed tuned for this week's Tuesday Ten with a list of my favorite Christmas movies to watch! 

If you any blog ideas for me, comment down below and tell me what you would like to see! Have a safe and wonderful week, also good luck to college and high school students who are currently studying on finals! 

Blouse: Francesca's similar blouse

Skirt: Francesca's 

Scarf: Unknown 

Glasses: Banana Republic similar frames

Shoes: Dillards similar shoes

Tights: Target