Haute Hippie

Hey, guys! I'm so relieved my first semester is over. I do miss all of my college friends, but I'm just enjoying my three-week break with no class assignments or anything too busy. Because I am less busy than normally, I have more time to make more blog posts! Yay! 

Yesterday my old high school had an alumni luncheon. I hadn't seen my friends and teachers in so long, so I wanted to dress to impress. Fashion has always been important to my identity, especially now that I'm in college and figuring out who I am. I want to be represented in my own confident way, and I believe everyone deserves to have their own kind of style that makes them unique and beautiful. I didn't want to show my high school friends and teachers that I changed but that I have grown

As you can tell by reading the title, my outfit is sort of hippie-like. Not considerably 1970's, but just very chic. My crochet dress comes from Francesca's, and it is currently my favorite dress that I own. It's super classy, sheek, and perfect for both warm weather and cold weather.

My favorite material of the dress would have to be the long and wide sleeves. I think they make the dress look very sophisticated, you can even spread them out and pretend to be a bird! Or a bat since it's black, but bats kind of scare me ... 

As for shoes and leg cover-up, I picked my black booties from Steve Madden and black tights from Target. I also wore my glasses as my main accessory. These three essentials definitely gave the outfit a very hip-kind of look. 

I honestly wouldn't wear too much accessories with this outfit, especially if you choose wear glasses like I did. If you choose not to wear glasses, a sparkly headband would look nice as well as small earrings and rings. Or you can also wear a large necklace instead of the headband as well.  

Here I am spreading my arms and trying to look like I have wings! 

Here I am spreading my arms and trying to look like I have wings! 


This outfit actually made me feel sexy in a modest tone. I believe classy is the best way to express your identity in an intelligent way. One of my favorite quotes from my favorite actress/role model/fashion icon/everything, Emma Watson, is, "My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal, the more people can wonder." That quote always intrigued me because I love the idea of having a sense of pride and sophistication when dressing up. Nothing is more beautiful than a girl who doesn't give herself limits. 

I hope this fashion post was interesting and inspiring in some way. I had a wonderful time dressing up and seeing everyone at my high school again! I can't wait to make more upcoming posts in the future over my three-week break, so stay tuned and thank you! :) 

Dress: Francesca's - similar dress 

Shoes: Steve Madden

Glasses: Banana Republic similar frames

Tights: Target