Gobble gobble! 

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and ate plenty of delicious food! I can be honest and say I ate three pieces of turkey, five crescents, and six pieces of my grandma's homemade stuffing along with dessert. At least these meals only happen once a year! Unless you live at Hogwarts and have feasts in the Great Hall everday ... 

But aside from the food, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be with friends and family, especially when everyone nowadays is busy at college and jobs. It's important to cherish these holiday moments with one another, so pick an outfit you'll remember being most happy in! 

On Thanksgiving, I chose a new dress I bought from Express. It's a floral-designed purple long-sleeve. It works well for both spring time or in the fall, when the weather is perfectly mild. I love this dress because floral designs are my favorite. If you like dressing in flowers, this is the dress for you! 

For my shoes, I simply chose a pair of black booties from Steve Madden. No reason needed, black goes with everything as long as it doesn't hurt your feet. 


I hope you enjoyed this new fashion post and liked my outfit for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, and I can't hardly wait now that it's officially Christmas time!

Dress: Express 

Shirt: Apt. 9/Kohl's

Jeans: American Eagle

Boots: Kohls

Booties: Steve Madden