Preppy Chic(k)


Sorry I haven't posted a new fashion blog in a while, these last few weeks were a little rough. I had a nasty cold that lasted for almost more than one week! I also had three midterm exams last week and a lot of assignments due at the same time. I tell ya, college is a toughie! 

But now I'm not sick, all my midterm exams are caput, and I'm on fall break! Yay! 

It's been wonderful to be back at home with my parents and dogs for four days, but the best part so far was going back to Lawrence Upper School (where I graduated from) to visit all my friends and teachers! So in order to look like a representable and official college girl, I decided to go for a preppy and chic style, my absolute favorite type of style!

College is a very preppy place I find, my sister Lauren's college Miami University was ranked as #1 preppiest school in the country! Good style must run in the family blood. 

I once again wore my Urban Outfitters cardigan and Lauren Conrad boots from Kohl's. These are my two favorite pieces of fall clothing so far, I could wear them with anything! 

My next addition included a black tank top from J. Crew, a maroon/black cooperative Christie skirt from Urban Outfitters, and black leggings from Lululemon, the best athletic apparel store in the universe. 

To make the look even more preppy, I wore my Banana Republic glasses along with my Fossil watch and Lokai bracelet as accessories. Some people almost didn't recognize me when I went to visit my high school with my new frames! 


And of course, I treated my craving for Starbucks with an iced vanilla latte. Even more preppy (and basic). 

The weather wasn't too nippy, so I decided to take a picture of my clothes without the cardigan (and glasses). If you wore this outfit without the leggings or boots, it would be perfect for the summertime as well! 

I now know what I'm wearing to my next country music concert ... 


Fun fact, I wrote this blog while watching the new live-action version of Cinderella, and now all I wish is to write a blog about wearing a princess ballgown ... but one can dream, right? 

Hope all of you lovely followers are having a wonderful fall season so far, and make sure you stay in touch with upcoming fashion posts! Happy October! :) 

Tank Top: J. Crewsimilar shirt 

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Leggings: Lululemon 

Boots: Kohls

Glasses: Banana Republic similar frames 

Watch: Macy's

Bracelet: Lokai