10 Happiest Moments of My Life

Hey, guys!

I hope you all had a lovely past week and are currently having a great start to this week. So the craziest thing just happened to me last weekend .... Jimmy Fallon read my Tweet on The Tonight Show! He does a "Hashtag" segment every Thursday in which the day before he Tweets out a random hashtag to all of his followers. Whatever the topic of that hashtag is, the fans get the opportunity to Tweet something hilarious using the hashtag. Then, Jimmy will pick out his favorite Tweets and read them on his show. Last week's hashtag was #SpringRaps, so I tweeted out a spring version of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix A Lot. And surprisingly after probably about a hundred hashtag challenges on Twitter, one of my Tweets finally made it onto the Tonight Show!  If you have read some of my past blog posts, you probably know how much of a fan I am of Jimmy Fallon and his show. It was such a dream come true that I was least expecting!

I can easily say that this has been one of the happiest moments of my experience so far. So because of this recent happy surprise, I will share some of my top ten memorable and best moments of my existence! 

1.) Jimmy Fallon Reading My Tweet

What's funny is that I wasn't even watching the first airing on TV because I had an early class in the morning. Plus, I doubted that my Tweet would be shown in Jimmy's famous segment. Right after I finished washing my face, I received a Twitter notification from my friend Aris who was watching the show, took a picture of my Tweet on the TV, and tagged me in it! At that same moment, I received even more messages and shoutouts from my aunt Suzy, my sister, other family members, my close friends, and some people from Malone I followed but I barely talked to! I almost screamed (I did not want to wake my roommate up), I was literally crying tears of joy! Thank you so much Jimmy for choosing my #SpringRaps Tweet and thank you to the Roots and Sugarhill Gang for performing it! 

2.) Joshua Dawson Memorial Award

This day marked one of the biggest honorable achievements of my life. Towards the end of my senior year of high school, Lawrence Upper Campus holds a convocation ceremony the day before commencement. It is an event that awards every student for their achievements academically and inspirationally. One of the biggest awards that they hand out is known as the Joshua Dawson Memorial Award. Joshua was a student a grade above me who died, along with his mother, in a terrible car accident in 2011. I never knew Joshua personally, but I knew he was one of the sweetest, smartest, talented, and most inspirational people that has walked not only in the foots of Lawrence but the earth. Now I know he is walking freely and painlessly on the grounds of heaven. Every year they hand out this special award to a student who represents kindness and shares the same spirit as Joshua did, so this year they gave it to me. It was so amazing, and I met Joshua's grandfather who is an absolutely wonderful person. Receiving that award made me feel like I had this personal connection with Joshua and his family. God bless the Dawson family, and may Joshua's spirit continue to spread happiness to all. 

3.) Dogs' First Day at Home

It's always the happiest days for families when they adopt a puppy and bring them to their new home. I remember the first days we welcomed Mylie (right) and Max (left) into our family, it was a day full of joy and warmth. I will never forget them when they were little puppies prancing around their new house and having the highest-pitched barks. And to this day, they are still my little babies that make my days brighter. 

4.) Vacation Getaways

Any opportunity to travel, whether it's to a new place or a somewhere I have already visited, is a wonderful experience. My mother always recalls the first time she took me and Lauren to Venice, Italy in 2013. She says that we both gasped right when we walked into the beautiful canals of the Italian city, as well as Rome and Florence also. It literally was one of the coolest moments, just to experience Italy in general for the first time and to embrace a historical country with old-fashioned buildings and large, holy churches. I also will never forget wonderful trips to places such as Hawaii, Canada, California, New York City, Florida, Chicago, Washington D.C., and of course - my family's favorite vacation destination - Hilton Head Island. We visit there almost every summer and we make the best family memories. I really hope that vacation tradition continues as we go on with our lives, but I also want to take more time to travel to as many new places and to favorite places once more. 

5.) Volunteering at the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

What an incredible opportunity this was! This was before I started getting into 80's music, which may be a reason why I now love it! Or my father made me listen to it in the car, so I finally got used to it ... But anyways, this really was an amazing experience. During our senior year, my best friend Sarah got the opportunity to volunteer at the Induction Ceremony in Cleveland because she was a volunteer intern at the Rock Hall of Fame. She was offered the opportunity to bring a friend, so she picked me! We got all dressed up in black dresses (that was the clothing requirement), ate fancy food, greeted VIP guests into the pre-party, and we got to watch the ceremony for free! We got to see performances from Joan Jett, Miley Cyrus, Fall Out Boy, Zac Brown Band, Stevie Wonder, and many more! The most exciting part of the experience was volunteering at the pre-party, which we greeted Alice Cooper! We hardly recognized him at first without the crazy makeup, but it was extremely cool! 

6.) Getting Accepted Into Malone University

It's an exciting day for anyone who gets accepted into their number one choice for college. I remember getting a call from my admissions counselor before I received my acceptance letter, and he told me that I had gotten it. I was so excited, especially since he called me to tell me that I got in! I will admit that my first semester was rough, and that I was questioning if it was the right place for me. I wondered if it would have been a better option for me to go to a public university in which I had more options for majors or the opportunity to join a classy sorority such Phi Mu or Delta Zeta. But now as my second semester comes to an end, I am glad I chose a private university. It's closer to home, it's a beautiful campus, and I have amazing friends that consider me as a part of their family, and I am very grateful to have them in my life. Plus, I probably would not have this blog! I honestly would not be this happy anywhere else, I'm glad to refer Malone University as my home away from home. 

7.) Sitting On the Friends Couch

What's more better than sitting on a prominent fixture of your favorite TV show? That's right, my parents and I went to Los Angeles for my senior year spring break and sat on the freaking Friends! Ever since I started watching the show, I have always dreamed about sitting in Central Perk on the famous orange couch while sipping a vanilla latte in a vintage mug! One day, it finally came true at Warner Bros. Studios! It was one of the most unique exhibits that left me starstruck, of course along with seeing actors' costumes and props inside the Harry Potter film exhibit museum and a few stars from The Big Bang Theory. Unfortunately, there was no coffee. But our tour guide was kind enough to let us sit on the couch and take pictures to look back on and remember. It's fun to admit that I sat in the same spot where Jennifer Aniston's butt once sat! 

8.) LeBron James's Return to Cleveland  

If you an Ohioan, whether you like basketball or not, you probably remember what you were doing on July 11th, 2014 the moment the most famous NBA player was coming back home to help Ohio win a championship. I certainly remember, my mom and I were at a country club pool to have a relaxing day in the sun. Everyone at the pool was on their cell phones finding out about the news, and my mom was more excited than anyone there! I was certainly excited, too! I've always enjoyed watching basketball, but I used to not be a true fan when Cleveland wasn't that good. The only hope we had back then was Kyrie Irving alone. But when King James officially announced his decision, I was right back and "All In" the game! I was even more excited when, right after that announcement, Kevin Love got drafted to play power toward/center for the team!

9.) Prom 2K15

Prom has to be one of the most classiest nights in anyone's existence! I went to prom for both my junior and senior year, but I will absolutely never forget the last one. I wore a beautiful gown with a sparkly nude top and fluffy light pink bottom, along with silver sparkly heels and a classy low up-do for my long hair. I felt like a combination of Cinderella or a celebrity on the Oscars red carpet! My date was my very good friend Jack, and we went with all my other best friends to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. That's right, our prom was at a zoo! We got to dance to a bunch of great songs and look at exotic animals such as monkeys, fish, and even a snow leopard! The best part of the night, some of my friends and I were on prom court! I don't really think winning prom king or queen is a big deal, it was just an honor to be nominated on court and to feel loved by the people who went to high school with you and you are about to leave. Prom nights are meant to be about pure friendship, and my last one certainly was full of that. 


10.) Christmas Season

Along with summer, Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. It's kind of like a yearly life cycle. When Christmas is over, I look forward to summer. When summer is over, I look forward to Christmas! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. It's the spirit of the season, everyone is joyful, and of course we celebrate the birth of Christ the King. Every holiday season, there is always new and special memories that are made each year. I always help volunteer as an elf assistant on the Polar Express (aka the Cuyahoga Valley Train) and I get to meet little kids who are very excited for Christmas. It is so joyous to see bright smiles during a merry season. I also love holiday traditions with my family, both new and old. Whenever I see a festive decoration in November or hear the first song of the holiday season, I become ultimately happy. As I grow older, the spirit of Christmas will never die. 

This might be my favorite blog post so far because it's helped me gain more self-confidence and realize how blessed I am. I look back on all of these amazing memories and all I can do is thank God for all the opportunities He has given me. After all the happiness that Jimmy Fallon brought me, it made me look back on my life at the positive things that have created my happiness and brought me to where I am now. I think that's the key to a positive behavior, finding what makes you happy and looking back on good memories of past happy moments. I want this blog post to be a reminder for everyone who is going through a rough time or trying to find happiness. Please remember that you mean so well, God loves you just the way you are, and that your life is awesome and it can be as amazing as you desire it to be. :) 

What are some of your happiest moments of your existence? Comment down below and let me know!