Friday Favorites: My 5 Top Books for Summer 2019


In my personal opinion, one of the best ways to spend a summer weekend is to layout in the sun with a good book. Whether you’re at the beach, sitting by the poolside or laying in the hammock in your backyard, there’s nothing like relaxing in the warm sunshine with a frozen margarita by your side while getting lost in a world of your own imagination. Some people; however, don’t find it as easy to find books to read in a bookstore compared to bookworms who can easily find a few that look intriguing to them. Some people usually find books to get lost into after getting recommendations from another person, and that person needing recommendations may be you!

I’ve rounded up a list of a few books I’ve cracked open this summer and that I now want to encourage you to crack open as well! Keep scrolling to see my picks ☺️

“Own Your Everyday: Overcome the Pressure to Prove and Show Up for What You Were Made to Do” by Jordan Lee Dooley

“Distractions make me a consumer of the world rather than a contributor of the world. But the contributors are the ones who change the world.”


I just finished reading this and I swear I’ve never finished a book faster than this one. It’s SO good! Jordan Lee Dooley is so amazing and I can see God speaking to me through her encouraging stories and words. I’ve known who she was and had been following her on Instagram for a while now, but after finishing this book I now become more estaic whenever she posts something. She is absolutely inspiring and I would love to be best friends with her! Maybe someday 🤞🏻 Definitely check this book out for some encouragement and words of truth!

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“Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis

“All you can do at any stage and season of life is try your best, and someone else’s opinion of how you’re doing or what you’re doing is… none of your business.”


This book was recommend to me both by mom and my therapist. If both your mom and your therapist recommend something to you, you know it’s gonna be good stuff! I like to say that Rachel Hollis is officially now a big role model of mine. I feel like I have so much in common with her, and I dream of doing what she is thriving in someday. This is an amazing book for women of all ages. It’s so important to ignore the negative opinions of other people and the never apologize for what you want to create and achieve!

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“Everybody Always” by Bob Goff

“We’re all rough drafts of the people we’re still becoming.”


This book became super popular and recommended by a lot of my friends early this year, so I put it on my wish-list for my birthday. I’ve only read the first few chapters so far, but I already love it. Bob Goff, who wittingly refers to himself as a “recovering lawyer”, spent 25 years in his law firm before pursuing a career in the speaking the word of God. You can see his cheerful personality and radiant heart shining throughout this book. He constantly writes about learning to love people no matter what circumstance, easy or difficult. It’s such a good lesson for everybody to learn, whether Christian or not Christian. Love is the answer to everything!

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“I’ve Been Thinking” by Maria Shriver

“Forgiveness is letting go of the need to feel like a victim. Work on it. You’ll lighten your load—the load of negativity you carry around.”


To some, she’s known as Arnold Schwarzengger’s ex-wife, former First Lady of California, member of the Kennedy family, and journalist. To me, she’s known as a wise and spiritually thoughtful woman. In the book, her main focus is turning to prayer and meditation when dealing with any given situation, such as raising children, coping with anxiety, dealing with grief, learning to love, etc. I’m all about prayer and meditation, so this book speaks to me. And if you’re like me, it should speak to you as well!

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”The Light Within Me” by Ainsley Earhardt

“God put me here for a reason.”


I actually read this book last summer, but I’ve never had the chance to write about it on my blog. My grandma bought it for me because she knows Ainsley Earhardt from Fox News (she and my mom are big fans of the channel), and she knew that she was a Christian which led her to buying the memoir for me. I wasn’t familiar with her that much since I don’t keep up with Fox News - or politics in general -, but I loved how much I realized I had in common. She is a true radiant individual that represents God’s love, and she had a dream given by Him that she was determined to (and eventually did) accomplish. Whether you agree with her political beliefs or not, this book is a must-read for deepening faith in the Lord!

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What are your favorite books this summer? Are you currently reading anything that you wanna recommend to me and all my subscribers? Comment below and share with us!