Friday Favorites (Week of August 27th)

Thank goodness it's finally Friday!

This week sure flew by! But of course, there was enough time to round up a few favorites of mine from the past few days and now is the perfect time to share with y'all. So before I kick off the weekend, I want to show you some finds that made this week more inspirational and happy, and I hope they are a great start to your weekend! 

Favorite Notebook: Marble Journal with Gold Foil

Marble Notebook.jpg

This is one of my new notebooks for this semester. I love the marble print and the petite size, so I couldn’t resist buying it when I saw it. I’ve already taken so many notes in it for my classes! 

Where To Buy: Target

Favorite Book: "The Light Within Me" by Ainsley Earhardt

The Light Within Me.jpg

I just finished reading this and I now consider Ainsley as a role model of mine. We have a lot in common, and her strong faith in Jesus is what makes her story so inspiring. I highly recommend reading this! 

Favorite Shoes: Hot Pink Open-Toe Block Heel Mules

Gap Pink Heels.jpg

Mules are trending big time right now. I'm all for these hot pink block heels, they're so chic and adorable! It’s perfect for the remaining weeks of summer, especially for any Labor Day parties this weekend! 

Where To Buy: Gap

Favorite Art Exhibit: “Infinity Mirrors”


A few weeks ago, me and girlfriends from work went to the “Infinity Mirrors” exhibit by Yayoi Kusama at the Cleveland Museum of Art. It was so amazing. What’s even more amazing is that it took the artist about 70-80 years to create! How crazy?! If you want to check it out and get that cool reflecting mirror selfie with all the lights like the one above, the exhibit is running till September 30. So book your ticket ahead of time and go before it’s too late! 

Favorite Song: "Everybody's Lonely" by Jukebox the Ghost

It’s funny because the meaning of this song sounds kind of depressing if you listen to the lyrics carefully. But it’s so upbeat and catchy that it puts me in a good mood. Ironic, isn’t it?

(P.S. I have no ownership rights to these pictures and video except for #4.)