10 Best Dressed at Met Gala

The Met Gala is one of the most glamorous nights of the year, in both the fashion and entertainment industry. It's the one night where it is exceptional to wear a crazy outfit that looks like it should be on display at a museum (ironic considering it takes place at the MET Museum!) It's always fun to see how creative celebrities get with their style, and every year almost everyone makes history with what they wear. This year, I was happy to hear the theme was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination". I love that idea and I think everything about it is beautiful. Of course all the stars who attended looked beautiful in their heavenly masterpieces! 

With that being said, here are my top ten favorite looks from the Met Gala!

1.) Blake Lively

I mean, c'mon! I swear Blake is a goddess sent down from the heavens. This outfit literally fits a queen and no one could of rocked it better than her. Look at the amazing jewels and burgundy velvet skirt!

Blake Lively.jpg

Designer: Versace

2.) Selena Gomez

A very radiant and elegant look. Selena said that Queen Esther from the Bible was her inspiration and that her current relationship is set on Jesus, which makes me adore her even more. She's such an amazing role model!

Selena Gomez.jpeg

Designer: Coach

3.) Ashley Graham

Ashley is a BOSS! I love this girl, everything about her. She's beautiful inside and out, she's confident, she's cool, and she's a great inspiration for all girls to follow. Look at how amazing she looks in this gown, she's killing it! The sparkles and train, it all looks so perfect on her. 

Ashley Graham.jpg

Designer: TASAKI

4.) Karlie Kloss

I seriously want to be Karlie's best friend. She's so cool and fun. And let's not forget her amazing taste in style, look at this dress! So elegant and sexy at the same time. She totally pulls it off!

Karlie Kloss Met Gala.jpg

Designer: Brandon Maxwell

5.) Chadwick Boseman

Everyone make way for the King of Wakanda! Chadwick (sorry, the Black Panther) never fails when it comes to style like this outfit symbolizing Jesus Christ. But then again, what can't he do?! #WakandaForever

Chadwick Boseman 2.jpg

Designer: Versace

6.) Liza Koshy

Not only is she hilarious AF, but the girl has style! I can't get over this classy yet spunky look, my kind of style for sure. And her beautiful winged eyes, perfectly lined eyebrows, and red lipstick are a great final touch! 


Designer: Alessandra Rich

7.) Amal Clooney

I love red roses, especially on this outfit. I love the soft metallic top and satin pants, along with the beautiful floral train. This is a timeless look!

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 7.49.12 PM.png

Designer: Richard Quinn

8.) Dakota Fanning

If it's perfect for both prom and the Met Gala, then it's the best dress yet! I love this beautiful white gown, she looks like a princess! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 7.48.57 PM.png

Designer: Miu Miu

9.) Rosie Huntington

Literally an angel sent down from heaven. The halo couldn't make a better touch with this gorgeous gown. It's like she came right out of a stained glass window in a Catholic church!

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 7.51.17 PM.png

Designer: Ralph Lauren

10.) Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford to this day is still a fashion icon. It's as though she hasn't aged at all! She still looks like her 25-year old self back when she wore a very similar red gown at the 1991 Met Gala!


Designer: Versace

BONUS: Cardi B

Cardi B seriously nailed this look, I love the Catholic inspiration behind it. I also give her big time credit for the heavy material on the outfit, especially while she has growing baby in her stomach! She literally is a queen!

Cardi B.jpg

Designer: Moschino 

Who did you think was best dressed at the Met Gala? Comment down below and share! 

(All pictures are NOT my property.)