Friday Favorites (Easter Edition)

Thank goodness it's finally Friday!

This week sure flew by! But of course, there was enough time to round up a few favorites of mine from the past few days and now is the perfect time to share with y'all. So before I kick off the weekend, I want to show you some finds that made this week more inspirational and happy, and I hope they are a great start to your weekend! 

And since one of my favorite holidays is this weekend, this Friday Favorites is a special Easter edition! Praise the Lord Jesus, for He is risen! 

Favorite Worship Song: "Chain Breaker" by Zach Williams

I've been listening to this song nonstop, it's sooooooo good! If you're looking for new Christian music to listen to when you need fulfillment through God, click on the video below ASAP. Zach Williams has a gifted voice and a great reminder! 

Favorite DIY Idea: Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs

Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs.jpg

That's right, egg hunting is getting more advanced! How cool would it be for kids to take on the special tradition with a challenge inside a dark indoor room filled with glowing Easter eggs? Very cool! I wish that idea was around when I was a kid!

Favorite Snack: Cheese Ball Easter Carrot Goodie Bags

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Now it’ll be easier to convince your kids to eat their carrots!  

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Carrot Mimosa

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

What a great drink to celebrate our Savior being risen from the dead after a Sunday morning church service! 

Favorite Movie: The House Bunny

House Bunny.jpg

I figured the title of the movie would be appropriate for the holiday theme! Minus the sexual references and cuss words ... 

(P.S. I have no ownership rights to these pictures or video.)