Friday Favorites (Week of June 5th)

Thank goodness it's finally Friday!

This week sure flew by! But of course, there was enough time to round up a few favorites of mine from the past few days and now is the perfect time to share with y'all. So before I kick off the weekend, I want to show you some finds that made this week more inspirational and happy, and I hope they are a great start to your weekend! 

1.) Favorite Accessory - Mermaid Off Duty Cap

Mermaid Off Duty Hat.jpg

Spending time exploring the world of humans when not swimming around in a fishtail and seashell bra while searching for treasured thingamabobs in sunken shipwrecks. Hopefully I can purchase and wear this hat for going on trips to the beach! 

Where To Buy: Altar'd State

2.) Favorite Book - Hijacking the Runway by Teri Agins

If there's anything about the fashion industry that gets people's attention, it's celebrities. I took a marketing class last fall semester and learned how celebrity endorsements are a huge way of advertising a brand or company, and this book is a great example for specifically fashion. I'm enjoying reading, especially since it focuses on two of my favorite topics: fashion and celebrities!

Where To Buy: Barnes & Noble

3.) Favorite Blogger - Maddie Perry (Blonde to Bronze)

Property of

Property of

I came across this California beauty on Instagram and I immediately subscribed to her blog Blonde to BronzeI love her style, her traveling tips, and her love for Jesus. I highly suggest you check out her posts and subscribe!

4.) Favorite Alcoholic Beverage - My family's homemade sangria

We had some homemade sangria a few weeks ago for my family's Memorial Day weekend party and it was so good! No sangria is good without as many strawberries and raspeberries as possible, that's our secret recipe. 

5.) Favorite Viral Video - James Corden's Crosswalk the Musical: Mary Poppins

Property of YouTube and The Late Late Show with James Corden

I laughed so much the first time I watched this, which I often do whenever I watch James Corden and his creative segments. I am not lying when I say that this video is practically perfect in every way

(P.S. I have no ownership rights to these pictures and video, except for #4.)