10 Best Dressed at Coachella

Did anyone go to Coachella this past weekend? Don't tell me if you did, otherwise I may shed a few tears ... 

I'm just kidding, I actually don't even mind not going. Of course, it's something that I definitely want to attend someday, but this weekend was spent with my family and I could not turn that down, especially considering we we're celebrating Easter. Also some of the controversies that spark from this giant annual music festival seem insanely crazy, such as drugs and probably sex. I would never get involved in that kind of stuff, I just want to go to Coachella for the music, friendship, food, drinks, activities, celebrities, and of course, fashion!

I figured it has been a while since I last posted a Tuesday Ten, so I finally made some time during my busy schedule to write a blog about Coachella fashion. So now, I want to share my top ten picks for best dressed this past weekend! 

1.) Victoria Justice

Maxi dresses and fedoras for life! This outfit is the definition and example of music festival style, especially for Coachella. Is there any better way to put it? And the scarlet red color works so well with Victoria's dark hair and olive skin tone. Also her sunglasses, hat, and blue nail polish is all on point! Once a fashion icon, forever a fashion icon. 

2.) Jamie Chung

I LOVE the pineapple crop top, it's so adorable! I also really love her ripped jean shorts, yellow sandals, funky sunglasses, mini yellow purse, and oil-paper parasol. I'm not crazy about the earrings, but everything else about this outfit is super cute and perfect for a big music festival and for the upcoming summer season! 

3.) Lottie Moss

I've already talked about how off the shoulder outfits are trending in my last fashion blog. This year's Coachella was populated with these kinds of tops and dresses, and Lottie Moss's version is very lovely, chic, and kind of sporty (with the sneakers). My favorite part about this outfit is the black layered wrap skirt, and I also like the black fedora and hippie John Lennon-looking frames. 

4.) Olivia Culpo

There has not been one jumpsuit that I have seen and hated. This outfit is so cute and well-fitted. The striped pattern makes it so fun but not too out there or controversial unlike some of the Coachella outfits that girls wear. Her eye makeup also looks so beautiful with her bob cut, and the yellow cotton candy adds a sweet touch! Now I'm craving cotton candy ... 

5.) Emma Roberts

Emma has already tried every natural hair color and has managed to pull them all off super well. First brunette, then blonde, and now ginger. She just has that pretty face and taste in style that makes it work! I also really adore this dress, it's absolutely perfect for spring and summer. The shoes and sunglasses also look super chic for a chic weekend. 

6.) Selena Gomez

Selena is my current girl crush at the moment. She has such a great taste in style and is willing to try anything out, from elegant to rebellious. She can pull almost anything off, especially this cute blue and white daisy collared dress and Ash Footwear white sneakers. This is definitely an outfit that is mostly girly-girl with a little tomboy touch to it. 

7.) Ashley Graham    

I honestly didn't really know who Ashley Graham was until I watched her in a "73 Questions" segment for Vogue. While watching it, I fell in love with her confidence and personality, she's so cool and beautiful! And I think of all those exact qualities when I look at her fashion pictures from Coachella. I love the gold choker and gold metallic robe wrapped around the black off the shoulder dress, very much like Cleopatra! 

8.) Hailee Steinfeld

The short shirt dress and knee high boots look like a modern day rock star and the matching fashion pieces look pop star! The red lipstick also looks great with the outfit's color pattern, side ponytail, and neutral eye makeup. I think this look overall is so cool and fits super well on Hailee and with her sense of style! 

9.) Martha Hunt

I'm not a big fan of the see-through shirt, but I love the sequin shorts and gray/blue booties. Even though I don't like the top part that much, I think the lace white bralette that she chose to wear looks really stylish.

10.) Kendall Jenner

I have to be honest and say that I am not a fan of the Kardashians but if I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be Kendall. She definitely has the best taste in style, and she definitely proved it at the music festival this weekend with this chic outfit. Plus, she seems like the nicest and most fun to hang out with (especially since she's a member of the T-Swift Squad!) 

What outfit from Coachella was your favorite? Comment down below and share!