10 Best Dressed at the Oscars

Did anyone watch the Oscars this past Sunday? Not going to lie, it might have been the craziest ceremony in entertainment history! I don't mean that Miley Cyrus performed one of her songs that involved a lot of twerking, that's a different kind of crazy. What I mean by crazy is that there was another cringe-worthy moment when they announced Best Picture. At first, the presenter Warren Beatty announced that La La Land had won the big award of the night, but it turns out that the envelope he read was actually for Emma Stone's Best Actress Award for her performance in La La Land and the Best Picture winner was actually Moonlight. Whoops! The media has been going crazy for over twenty-four hours now, it may been one of the biggest fails in entertainment history ever! To be honest, I was trying so hard not to laugh, and I think Jimmy Kimmel, the parts of the audience, and even Ryan Gosling were trying to hold back their giggles. I am imagining Steve Harvey somewhere right now smiling his pearly whites more than ever and feeling good about himself ... 

Other than the awkward moment that everyone is still talking about, this year's Oscars ceremony was fantastic as always. I love seeing movie stars come together to celebrate the beauty of the cinema that takes us movie lovers into new worlds. Thankfully, there wasn't much talk political talk or controversies, although quite a few celebrities showed up with "Stand With ACLU" as a way of "protesting". Jimmy Kimmel did a really good job at hosting, especially when he let tourists come in during the ceremony and making candy, cookies, AND donuts fly down from the ceiling! I also laughed when he and Matt Damon continued their "feud", especially when Jimmy started playing the "Wrap It Up" music while Matt presented an award with Ben Affleck. It seriously believe that they actually are best friends in real, no doubt. 

Of course, the one part of the Oscars that everyone looks forward to seeing is the bizarre and enchanting outfits on the red carpet, at least that's what fashionistas like me look forward to. There has been so many amazing dresses from every ceremony throughout Academy Award history, and this year may have had the most beautiful outfits yet! I think the fashion gets better as the years get older. 

So in case you're wondering what my favorite outfits from this year's Oscars were, here are my top ten picks for best dressed! 

1.) Karlie Kloss

Two words: Absolutely FLAWLESS! Karlie Kloss is one of my girl crushes and definitely one of the best fashion icons out there right now, so it's kind of necessary to put her as number one. The white gown with the long cape gave me snow queen vibes, and the sparkly choker adds a glamorous touch! 

Designed By: Stella McCartney

2.) Felicity Jones

Normally I prefer to see longer dresses on the Oscars red carpet, but this was so pretty that I couldn't not put it on my top ten favorites list. It is definitely the perfect ballerina princess look, so magical and ravishing! I honestly would have worn this to prom or homecoming if I saw it in a store during high school. 

Designed By: Dior

3.) Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy is so gorgeous that she could wear a trash bag to the red carpet and she would still rock it! I really love this white gown goddess look, kind of like Karlie Kloss's dress but with a lot more glitter and one leg showing off. I also think that her and her hubby John Legend were one of the hottest and most adorable couples last night, and also of all of Hollywood! 

Designed By: Zuhair Murad

4.) Emma Stone

No doubt, one of the most gorgeous and stylish redheads out there. I love this shiny old-fashioned Hollywood look, it's kind of as if she's almost playing off of La La Land as a reference! She really did look drop-dead gorgeous, and I'm so thrilled that she finally won an Oscar that she has deserved for a long time! 

Designed By: Givenchy

5.) Naomie Harris

So sexy and glamorous at the same time. Not only did I like her white pearly sequin dress but I also liked how her bright yellow heels were mismatched with the sparkly vamp on one shoe and the sparkly strap on the other, kind of rebellious! I also really liked how her hair was sleek and straight, very simple yet stunning. 

Designed By: Calvin Klein

6.) Nicole Kidman

Nicole always looks both classy and daring, and that's one of the reasons why I love her taste in style. My favorite thing about this dress is the hand-embroidered lace overlay and apricot shade combined, so stunning. I also saw that the back straps can be altered, as at the beginning of the show they were strapped to both the right and left back parts each but then later on she altered them into a tie, how cool! Fashion works in mysterious yet amazing ways. 

Designed By: Armani Prive

7.) Charlize Theron

Charlize always deserves the award for best dressed at every entertainment event, she never fails! I really like the green metallic material of the gown, plus her long diamond chandilier earrings look incredible with her look! 

Designed By: Dior

8) Jessica Biel

Gold was so popular with fashion at this year's Oscars, which makes sense because the trophies are gold. Jessica Biel is such a beautiful human being, and no doubt did she look like a beautiful ancient queen in this glamorous gold gown. Plus, I LOVE her husband Justin Timberlake, and they are also one of the cutest celebrity couples in all of Hollywood. I mean, look at the photo below if you want proof!

Designed By: Kaufmanfranco

9.) Taraji P. Henson

I love how she is following the velvet trend from this past fall, and I still long to own something in my wardrobe made from velvet! Hidden Figures also is now one of my favorite movies of all time, I just had to put that out there. 

Designed By: Alberta Ferretti

10.) Brie Larson

Brie Larson Oscars 2017.jpg

Looks like someone brought some va-va-voom back to Hollywood! Everyone knows that black goes with everything and looks glamorous no matter what. I also really like long funky flow of the skirt at the bottom, it gives a spunky vibe to the look. Everyone should also know that spunk is a great quality to have, I certainly know that! 

Designed By: Oscar del la Renta

BONUS: Jennifer Aniston

This may be the sexiest dress that Jen was worn to the Oscars, maybe even to all award shows in general! She did not walk the red carpet before the snow, but presented the "In Memoriam" segment and attended the Vanity Fair after-party. She looked sexier than ever in a black sequin gown showing off some major leg. What possibly could Rachel Green wear and not pull off?! 

Designed By: Atelier Versace


Who did you think was best dressed at the Oscars? Comment down below and share! 

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