10 Best Dressed at Teen Choice Awards

Halt, it's the Fashion Police! But don't worry, we (meaning I) have good results today!

I don't watch the Teen Choice Awards anymore, but that does not stop me from keeping updated with the red carpet and show. Just like the Oscars and Golden Globes, I like to check out the amazing fashion worn by popular celebrities that leave the paparazzi mesmerized and online journalists gossiping. I find seeing some of my favorite celebs in drop dead beautiful outfits made by amazing designers as an enjoyable hobby, and that's one of the reasons why I want to jump into fashion journalism as a career.

So in case you did or did not watch the Teen Choice Awards this past weekend, here are my top ten picks for best dressed and favorite looks!

1.) Lea Michele

I love the black and white crop top and long skirt look, both designed by Self-Portrait. The light pink classy heels, glossy hair and glamorous makeup combined with the outfit bring some flirt floral fun to the red carpet.

2.) Jessica Alba

Another crop top to match with long pants, with a color palette consisting of all black. Her simple hairstyle looks amazing with the outfit! And her pointy manicure, hot girl damn!

3.) Victoria Justice

When hosting a big show like the Teen Choice Awards, it's a good idea to have more than one outfit like Victoria. There were various clothing pieces that she wowed in that it's hard to pick just one favorite. I would say the most stunning fashion piece of hers was the Versace artsy dress, black strappy stilettos, and braided hairband crown. I thought that indeed looked very gorgeous and summery. Here are some of her stage outfits she slayed in during her hostess duties alongside host John Cena.

I'm also dying to get personal tips from Victoria on how she always make her smoky brown eye makeup look on point!  

4.) Kat Graham

I find unique to be bold at times. I really liked this white dress with some colorful lollipop-looking designs and crystal heels to match. I'm not the biggest fan of latex outfits, but I think the rubber texture of the dress looks super stylish.

5.) Kelsea Ballerini

Even if it's not a wedding, pure white dresses always remind me of Cinderella. It's a very elegant color, and the design of this dress looks quite sophisticated and has a princess-like look to it with the tulip bottom piece. Also the messy ponytail, dark burgundy lipstick, and strappy gold heels wounded up to the calves give the outfit a bit of a vampy look.

6.) Chanel Iman

Once again, another crop top look to fall in love with! She looks like a flawless goddess in this cream colored knit top and shiny long skirt, which has a sexy detail with the cut out for her leg to stick out. Plus, her dark skin tones goes very well with the light colored outfit.

7.) Sarah Hyland

She perfectly stands out in an electric blue dress with red floral details, along with an electric blue clutch and strappy sandals to match. I also love how her short wavy bob is pulled to the side to make the look even more electrifying.

8.) Lucy Hale

Summer may be coming to an end, but Lucy brings the reason back to the beginning in this muted halter dress that looks both light an airy. I also love how she goes for silver sandals instead of heels. No better time to wear this than to a summer award show!

9.) Candace Cameron Bure

She's still ranks in the top 90's TV crushes for both boys and girls! The black and silver make a perfect color for this long-sleeve romper and black strappy stilettos.

10.) Brooke Burke

Pretty in pink! Nothing calls for a fun summer more than a pink crop top jumpsuit with funky jewelry, beachy hair, open-toed shoes, and a floral clutch. You might as well be called Princess Peach!

BONUS: John Stamos

Because why not? He's a total stud, especially at fifty! He never fails to bring back a little Grease lightning from the rocker decades to our generation. Keep on rocking your hunky style, Uncle Jessie!


What was your favorite look/outfit from the Teen Choice Awards red carpet? Comment down below and share! :)

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