10 Summer Song Picks

Happy Tuesday! 

I'm so happy that summer is almost here! I am so ready for more sunshine and bursts of happiness! Summer might be, along with Christmas, one of the happiest times of the year. Everyone is in a better mood because of the nicer weather and freedom, at least for most of the time. One thing for sure is that you can gurantee that many people, including myself, are going to be outdoors for the majority of the season! 

One of my top favorite activities in the summer is to lay out in the sun, whether I am at the pool, the beach, or my backyard. Other than embracing the heat is to read a good book or especially, listen to good music. Everyone has to have a few picks for songs of the summer, even if it's not the most overplayed tune on the radio. Whatever puts you in a cheerful mood or brings out your summer vibe, any song can be perfect for your summer! If you are looking for some good tunes to add to your summertime playlist, check out my top ten picks from my playlist! But just a fair warning ... If you are not a country music fan, then you may not like the majority of these song picks. Just saying.

1.) "Can't Stop The Feeling" by Justin Timberlake

No doubt, the most popular and best song out there right now. I just want to get up and dance my heart out, especially with JT and his awesome dance moves! 

2.) "Somewhere On The Beach" by Dierks Bentley

Very catchy and absolutely perfect for summertime! Listening to it makes me wish I was somewhere on a beach ... 

3.) "My Church" by Maren Morris

I just love how she praises her love for God and sanctuary through her love for music. When she sings about the Holy Ghost running through her on the highway, I find that to be the coolest part of the song! 

4.) "My House" by Flo Rida

What's not better than to pump up a pool party, bonfire, or tanning session with this perfect jam? 

5.) "Just Like Fire" by P!nk

I cannot stop listening to this song on repeat, I am not even sick of hearing it on the radio! It has a very uplifting power, I feel like I gain a strong vibe every time I listen to it. I still, however, do not understand why this song was made for Alice Through The Looking Glass, it almost seems to upbeat for the movie. But whatever, I like how it fits in the movie and the beat it has! 

6.) "No" by Meghan Trainor

I am not a big fan of Meghan Trainor, but this might be the catchiest song I have heard from her. There's only word word that can describe what the song is about, and that is NO! 

7.) "Clock Don't Stop" by Carrie Underwood

Despite her being one of my favorite singers, I did not hear this song until I went to Carrie Underwood's concert last week. She even stated before singing it that it was one of her favorite songs from the album, and now it's one of mine! 

8.) "Day Drinking" by Little Big Town

This may not be very influential, but it is fun and brings a happy summer vibe! I am starting to like Little Big Town's music a lot. This is a perfect song for pool parties and tailgates!

9.) "Home Alone Tonight" by Luke Bryan & Karen Fairchild

Any Luke Bryan song is perfect for summer! I really hope I can see him at Blossom Music Center later this summer, I am dying to see him live again!

10.) "Sunny and 75" by Joe Nichols

This has been one of my favorite summer songs for a few years now. I just love sitting out in the bright sun with a bikini and shades on, jamming out to a tune like this that perfectly describes summertime in every way possible. I would be more than happy to be somewhere sunny and 75 right now! 


"Wildest Dreams" by Taylor Swift

This one may be almost a year old now, but it still sounds just as good as the first time! I will be listening to this a lot over the summer!


What are some of your favorite songs of the summer? Comment down below and share! :) 

(PS. All songs and videos are property of YouTube, Vevo, and the singers/songwriters.)