10 Best Looks from the Met Gala

Last night, I managed to use my free time after completing my first two exams (phew) by making a recent top ten list of some of my favorite fashion looks from the Met Gala red carpet. I absolutely enjoy looking at my favorite celebrities wearing gorgeous gowns at big events. I know it sounds kind of lame, but I just love it due to my passion for fashion. It's always exciting to see what popular stars wear that will later be talked about all over the media, whether it's best dressed or worst dressed. But of course, this list is focused on my personal favorite best looks. So check out my top ten picks!   

1.) Claire Danes

She looked totally flawless, most definitely belle of the ball. If it's a Cinderella look, it cannot be beaten for number one. It even illuminates and sparkles in the dark! That's just pure fairytale magic! 

2.) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley .jpg

I always have to pick the simple white gowns from every red carpet event as my favorite. It's just so elegant and graceful, how could no one love a beautiful look like this??  

3.) Margot Robbie

Pretty much same caption as the previous choice, I think it's well-explained. I do like the cut-out sides and gold bracelets, it brings out a more sexy and Egyptian-like look! 

4.) Emma Watson

Emma Watson never fails to look less flawless on any red carpet event. I mean come on, she's wearing long pants under a long skirt and she looks so damn good! She's like a super glamorous pirate! Hey Disney, would this be an interesting idea for your next Pirates of the Caribbean movie? 

5.) Blake Lively

Blake Lively is definitely one of my favorite fashion icons of all time. If I could own any celebrity's wardrobe, I probably would choose hers (and Kate Middleton's of course). Normally I don't really like pink and red colors together, but the design of this gown is absolutely stunning. I could imagine she feels a lot like Sleeping Beauty in that dress. I least I would if I wore that dress! 

6.) Zoey Deutch

I don't really know who this girl is, but I absolutely love her beautiful floral gown! The braided crown updo, of course, adds a great touch to the grown-up flower child. This look is absolutely perfect and representable for the month of May! 

7.) Kate Upton

This is definitely an old vintage Hollywood look. The super bouncy hair waves, silver sparkly gown with a mid-train, and a very sexy touch with one sleeved arm and one sleeveless arm. Nothing brights up the red carpet more than bringing back an original classy look! 

8.) Elle Fanning

I love the peachy shade on this simple gown, very natural. The sleek long ponytail and simple necklace also add a beautiful addition to the classic look. It kind of looks like something that Audrey Hepburn would have worn in her days! 

9.) Emma Stone

Very goddess-like, I approve. Smokey eyes, even more perfect. I'm not crazy about the metallic belt and sleeves, but I still think it makes the look really appealing and eye-catching. It's weird to see her with a darker hair shade since we all know her as a fiery redhead, but she pulls it off very well! 

10.) Amy Schumer

I love sleek red dresses because they look very bold. I believe red is a strong color, and that's why it is one of my favorite colors. Amy Schumer can definitely pull off a scarlet tone (or practically anything) with her personality and appearance. She is, physically and mentally, a very strong and beautiful person, whether she is being funny or serious. Continue to be bold and beautiful as always, Amy! 


What was your favorite Met Gala look? Comment down below or on my Facebook page! :) 

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