10 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Happy Belated Halloween! 

To be honest, I'm not that sad about Halloween being over for the year. It's not necessarily my favorite holiday, mainly because I don't like all the scary and gory themes. I'm more of a Christmas gal. 

But I still love the holiday for using creativity with crazy and fun costumes ideas. I honestly find it more fun to dress up for Halloween now as an adult rather than when I was little! Of course, I'm not super into the too adult costumes. And I do miss trick-or-treating. 

Unfortunately, one of my weaknesses is time management, which means I always end up creating a super cool costume idea at the very last minute. I already had ideas since this summer, but I've seen so many other interesting ideas on others blogs and social media, mainly Pinterest and Instagram, and totally made me wish I had thought of that sooner. But instead of worrying about running out of time like Cinderella (which happens to be a very good costume ironically), I decided to share ten of my top favorite costume ideas for anyone looking for an outfit next year or for a late Halloween party this year! 

1.) Starbucks Drink


This idea is so genius, it's "too hot" to handle! 

2.) Social Media Apps


For Facebook, carry a book and hold it next to your face! For Twitter, stick small pieces of random tweets all over your outfit (of course no more than 150 characters)! For Instagram, carry a camera and pretend to take pictures! For Snapchat, use makeup to make your face look like a filter! For Pinterest, pretend to be pinning a picture to a mini bulletin board! 

3.) Netflix and Chill


This is a perfect couple or best friend costume idea. With an oversized shirt, a pair of comfy sweatpants/leggings, and maybe a box of pizza, you should be good to go. Of course, keep it PG! 

4.) Disney Parks Cast Member

Disney Cast Member.jpg


My mom has a friend from work who knew how to make a laminated paper version of an cast member ID of Walt Disney World, and being the huge Disney fan I am, she insisted that I should have one. So her friend made one from me and now I feel like I'm officially part of the Disney family! I think this is a fantastic idea for anyone who is a Disney fan or who dreams of working at one of the parks someday. And who knows, maybe just having a fake ID will get you in the FastPass+ lines! 

5.) Scarecrow


This is an easy one outfit-wise. All you really need is a flannel, boots, and a straw hat. I especially like the makeup for this costume idea. It may be a little harder than the outfit, but it's definitely more fun to do. 

6.) Snapchat Filters


I'm so in love with this DIY costume, I think it's so clever and perfect for the latest social media trends. Now we finally have the chance to look exactly like the filters on Snapchat that make us feel pretty and goddess-like! The face shape changes and face swapping may be a little complicated ... 

7.) Gumball Machine


I love colored cotton balls, and it's a great excuse to buy them for this simple and adorable look, of course with some glue! It's cute, it's creative, what's not to love about it?  

8.) Jess from New Girl


Every female New Girl junkie dreams of having style like Jessica Day, so why not make that dream come true? All you need are glasses, tights, flats, a quirky dress, and maybe a wig if you don't have dark hair or bangs. 

9.) Mary Poppins


Because she's "practically perfect in every way"! 

10.) Audrey Hepburn


"Always be the leading lady of your own life." 


What are you planning to dress as for Halloween this year? Comment down below and share!