Carrie Underwood: The Storyteller Tour - Cleveland, OH

This week has been super hectic, in very good ways! I started work on Monday, so I've been a bit busy but I love it! My 20th birthday is tomorrow, so that is something that I am very looking forward to! But even more better, I got to attend the Carrie Underwood concert in Cleveland with some of my favorite people! 

It's been almost three or four years since the singer had a big tour. We had bought four tickets a few months ago, so I asked Lauren, Natalie, and my cousin Brittany to come. The date was perfect because it was at the beginning of summer and two days before my birthday! The weather was not that bad, which is a bonus because May has been kind of chilly so far. The fact that we were going to see one of the best country singers ever was absolutely awesome, and we couldn't wait for it! 

I love dressing up for country shows. It's always about the boots, jeans, shorts, cardigans, tank-tops, sandals, everything that brings back summer! Since the weather was a little warm, I wore my sister's old romper from Forever 21, my light nude knit cardigan from Urban Outfitters, sparkly sandals from Dillards, and a black purse from Matt & Nat. The other girls very stylish summer clothes as well, they looked like adorable country girls! 

Natalie (far left), Me, Lauren (center right), and Brittany (far right) 

For dinner, we ate Barrio, one of Cleveland's best restaurants. It is a Mexican bar and grill, the name "barrio" means neighborhood in Spanish. They have the yummiest tacos, and it's a make-your-own menu! My favorite is the spicy marinated chicken soft tacos with rice, white cheese, lettuce, and guacamole. My stomach growls whenever I think about them! 

Unfortunately, the wait was about fifty minutes. But once we sat down and ate, we were ready to get to the concert on time! Plus, waiting gave us some time to take some fun pictures together! 

Also a little surprise happened, I found out my friend from Malone University, Jordan, was at the concert, too! We messaged each other and decided to meet up somewhere quickly before the show started. We talked for a few quick seconds and got some pictures together. It was so awesome to see her! I know it's only been about two weeks since spring semester ended, but I have missed all of my friends so badly! 

Me and Jordan 

Me and Jordan 

The show opened with the Swon Brothers and Easton Corbin as the first acts. I have never heard of either one of them before, so it was kind of hard to sing along to their songs. They did a very good job though, any song that's country is a great song! 

The actual show finally came on at about 8:40. Carrie came onto the show opening with "Renegade Runaway", one of my favorite songs that she sings. Her voice was absolutely incredible, she has such a powerful tone! We also loved all of her various wardrobe changes. From dresses to one pieces, she looked outstanding in every outfit. My favorite was the gray dress she wore for "Blown Away", "Two Black Cadillacs", "Dirty Laundry", and "Choctaw County Affair". She's a super classy woman, one of the main reasons why she is my favorite singer! 

Some of my favorite songs that she performed were "Renegade Runaway", "Church Bells", "Jesus Take The Wheel", "Blown Away", "Clock Don't Stop", "Little Toy Guns", "Before He Cheats," and my all-time favorite, "Something in the Water". I remember that was the song I listened to a lot at the beginning of my first semester of college to help me get through rough times and to have hope for what's about to come. Two semesters later, I came back home satisfied with my first year and I got the opportunity to hear this song live. It was such a beautiful moment, to listen to the song a while back with hope and to hear it in concert with satisfaction. I could not be more thankful to God for blessing me with wonderful people and amazing opportunities in my life. 

I'm so glad we bought tickets for this, it was totally worth it! One of the best concerts I have ever attended for sure, and the perfect way to celebrate my birthday being two days away! It was even better to have my sister, my best friend, and my cousin with me to dance and sing along! Thank you Carrie for your incredible performances, never stop being amazing! 

Keep Calm and "Carrie" On! :)