Get Creative with CaseApp

Do you like creating art? Do you like using your phone and laptop a lot? I'm guessing you like doing both of those things, especially using your phone and laptop. What if I told you that you could create your own custom iPhone case and laptop skin via online for a cheap price? There is a solution for that, and that is the wonderful CaseApp!

For this special collaboration, I got the chance to create my own custom iPhone case and laptop skin. For the phone case, I was overwhelmed with how to design it. There were so many options and ideas! I found this feather sticker with birds flying out of it (representing freedom) and the word freedom in cursive formatting. From there, I decided it would be cool to connect the feather with freedom to make it flow together ... and that's what I did! As for color, I chose a nice light lavender to match my rose gold iPhone. 


And as for the laptop skin, that was a simple choice. There's an option where you can use a collage and select the pictures that you want on the cover of your Mac. I knew having the faces of some of my closest friends and relatives would make me the most happy! I smile every time I look at it, it's so special to me! 


You also have the opportunity to do what I did, too! Be sure to check out CaseApp to design your own custom iPhone case and laptop skin or you can purchase one that's already been designed. You can use my discount code "TULLIS20" to get 20% off your first purchase. 

Also be sure to enter my international giveaway! To enter, just go to my second to last Instagram post and follow the given rules. You have till tomorrow to enter, so be sure to do it now! Good luck! 

Picture Perfect

I can't believe Christmas was over a month ago now ... 2018 is already flying by, people! 

I'm not really a person who likes to show off all their Christmas gifts on social media. However, besides clothes, this year I got two things that we're a big deal and that I'm incredibly grateful for.

I got two cameras! That's right, two!

I'm so thrilled about these because they're going to be a huge benefit for my blog and Instagram, now that this hobby of mine is becoming more of a part-time job! They both a huge surprise, especially since I was already saving my own money to buy one myself. But now I don't have to, and I take pictures for my blog and Instagram with more high definition quality now! I'll now tell you about the two cameras I got and their unique features: 

Canon EOS


The Canon EOS came from my parents, and that was a huge surprise. It was my dad's idea and my mom secretly bought at Target while my sister and I were shopping. I had no idea she bought it, she somehow managed to sneak in and out of the store without me noticing! I was overwhelmed with joy when I received it on Christmas morning, especially since neither of them had to do that for me! But they did anyway, and I'm extremely grateful and I love them both will all my heart. What's awesome is that the camera came with its own extra set of lenses, a bag, a strap, and a memory card! 

I've been planning on getting a Canon before I recieved it, and that's what the majority of bloggers and influencers that I follow use. My sister has one too, which was another reason. They have high quality and can take both pictures and videos, so it clearly made sense. Fun fact: the name EOS was inspired by Eos, goddess of dawn. How cool?! And other than a tripod which I'll probably buy myself sometime later, I have all the supplies I need for this bad boy! 


Where To Buy: Best Buy

Instafix Mini 9 Instant Camera


Isn't this so adorable?!

This cute little polaroid came from my sweet sister and her sweet fiancé Jordan! They both got me the camera together and Jordan got me instant film paper to develop the pictures. They said that it'll be perfect for my Instagram pictures!

I'm so obsessed with it, although I'm trying not to take too many pictures so I don't waste the instant film right away. I've already played around with it a little bit at Christmas. I've been doing a lot of Pinterest researching for cute polaroid picture ideas. I can't wait for spring to come so I can take a picture with the first flower of the season! 

Wanna know what my favorite thing about this camera is, other than the fact that it's hot pink and adorable? Watching the paper fade into high quality pictures and writing down the date below it of course! Just like Taylor Swift's "1989" album cover, but better! Sorry, T-Swift. 

Where To Buy: Amazon


I feel like a professional with these two beautiful and Insta-worthy cameras! With that being said, I'm going to go take a thousand more pics with these two beauties (if I have enough storage in each one) ... Talk to ya babes real soon! XOXO