5 Summer Fitness Tips

They say women should learn how to iron, so that's what I did ... and now I'm a fit and strong badass!


Happy Workout Wednesday, y’all! 

We all know that summer is the absolute best time of the year to get in shape. The warmer weather and more free time sure does increase the level of motivation! However, some of us still struggle to find a way to stay actively motivated. Whether that may involve sleeping in or having an overly busy schedule, it's easy to find ways to put off exercising. Well, in my personal opinion, I say excuses don't matter. Despite busy schedules and wanting to rest, I make it a priority of mine to get plenty of activity for my body, even if I only have one minute to get at least ten pushups in.

Summer may be coming to a close, but you still have time to get in shape! If you're looking for some simple ways to help you get physically motivated, here are my top helpful tips for good fitness:

1.) Drink enough water

I can't distress enough how water is so important for the body. Everyone needs to drink enough water, not even just one glass will be enough for the entire day. I recommend drinking at least eight-ounce glasses of agua daily, also known as the "8x8 rule". Even if you're not thirsty, still drink a little bit. There's a difference between being parched and being dehydrated!

2.) Stay mentally strong

Mind over matter, am I right?! It's not your body that you have to convince, it's your mind. If you hear voices in your head saying "I can't do this", be tough and make them say "I CAN do this". Whenever I'm doing a strength & conditioning workout and I hear the devil telling me I'm too weak, I immediately say to myself "Caroline, you are a badass" over and over again. I find that's the best fitness motto that boots my self-confidence, so find yours. Just know that you are a badass, too! 

3.) Find what feels good

I watch Yoga With Adriene for a lot of my yoga sessions and she always repeats her main motto, "Find what feels good." I love that saying, and it's so relevant for all forms of exercise rather than just yoga. It's good to challenge yourself, but it's also important to not force yourself to the point where you're breaking bones. Everyone's body is built differently. So with that being said, find a workout that challenges your body but is also manageable.

4.) Everything in moderation

A fitness tip my mom always reminded me and my sister which has always stuck with me for a good amount of time. I've never really liked the idea of dieting, and I hardly ever worry if I'm eating too much or too little. My summer is not complete without a fitness routine, but it's also not complete without ice cream! Remember that while you're working on keeping your body trim and fit, don't punish yourself. After some good exercising and healthy eating, treat yourself to something that makes your taste buds happy!

5.) Exercise for yourself, not for society

Society has a way of making people believe that they have to look a certain way in order to be accepted. If you're working out to look like the beautiful girl in your class or to impress a guy you like, you're working out the wrong way. Work out for you! There are so many different reasons as to why you should work out for yourself, such as to increase endorphins, decrease stress, boost confidence, increase strength, sleep better, live longer, and of course, to eat whatever the hell you want! So don't let magazines or Instagram posts fool you with expectations. As long as you feel good both physically and mentally, you're already setting a great example when it comes to fitness.

What are your favorite ways to stay healthy and active in the summertime? Comment down below and share!

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