Fall Into Style

Don't even question it ... sweater weather in Ohio isn't over and won't be until March or even April. Our state's weather is very unpredictable, just ask the meteorologists at Fox 8 News

But I'm not complaining, especially with this new butter yellow chenille sweater from styleNmotion! This is one of my favorite sweaters I have ever owned and I've always envisioned myself with a soft yellow one like this before I finally bought it!


Chenille sweaters are very trendy right now, but I didn't know that until after I got this sweater. I'm honestly happy about that because I feel like I started a trend, all thanks to styleNmotion!

I love the cozy chenille fabric and ribbed trim. It's the type of material I remember my older relatives wearing when I was younger, which brings back happy memories. My new sweater just proves that the material on clothing is still in style and rocking more than ever! It's 100% polyester, comes in more than one size (the site states itself that it fits true to size!), and can only be hand washed. 

My dog Max the other day actually saw it laying out and gently took it like no one was watching. Thankfully I caught him and got the sweater back without any rips or dog salvia, but that just tells you how awesome it is because even my dog likes it! 


This is random, but can we take a moment to appreciate the perfectly timed photo with the clouds and blue sky reflecting in the window? It's so amazing! Laura (my photographer) was looking for the right angles before taking the picture and she saw that the clouds and sky looked clear and perfect in the window behind me. It turned out so artsy! 


I'm also still obsesseding over these cropped high-rise skinny jeans and nude lace-up booties, both from Anthropologie, which I talked about in my last fashion blog post. Super comfy, super stylish, and super perfect all year-round. 


And of course, what is a fall fashion photoshoot without a pumpkin the same size of my head?! 

Look, I’m a pumpkin head! 🎃 

Look, I’m a pumpkin head! 🎃 


If you love this sweater like I do, go shop for it right here. There's only 5 left in stock!

I also want to let you know that styleNmotion is having Black Friday deals on their website. They're having a huge sale, 40% off everything from Friday to Monday. That's a pretty freaking good deal! It also saves you a trip from shopping in public if you're not in New York City (where the boutique is located). Please take the chance to check out styleNmotion's stylish collections ahead of time before Black Friday, including the yellow chenille sweater!

Photos were taken by Laura Ryka (Instagram: @1aura.e.photography) 

Once Upon A December

There's something about the month of December that is so wondrous and enchanting, and that's not only because of the holiday season. Despite the fact that the cold weather can be irritating, it is still a beautiful month that must be cherished, especially since it's the last month of the year.

As 2017 comes around the corner and the chills start to grow, I'm taking my time to absorb the last days of December as much as possible. For Christmas, I got a lot of new outfits and accessories that I am very excited to share, and I want to show them soon before I go back to school in two weeks! 

One of the gifts I got, and probably my most favorite, is an open-shoulder dress from Anthropologie. I love the material, the color, and how comfortable it is, it's not super tight at all. I'm happy that I now have an open-shoulder outfit considering that it's one of the most popular trends in the fashion world right now. It's a perfect outfit for December and the rest of the winter, it might even be good to wear every season if it's not too hot! 

This jewelry may not be recently new, but it still looks fabulous with the dress. You don't want to go overboard with accessorizing, just keep it simple. Both the earrings and necklace are from Francesca's. 

I'm so in love with my new wedges from Anthropologie, great for the winter and perfect timing for when summer comes around! They are very comfortable and keep feet warm in the chilly weather. I'm relieved because these were the last shoes available and they came in my size, it was meant to be! There's many other similar shoes at the retail that you can find if you are interested, along with other stylish types of shoes as well. 

Dress: Anthropologie

Shoes: Anthropologie similar shoes

Necklace: Francesca's similar necklace

Earrings: Francesca's similar earrings