Cheers to Summer

August is upon us, which means we aren't too far away from fall now. The end of summer is always unblissful, especially when you're in college like me and have to start classes again soon. I know there's a full month left of summer fun, but it's going to fly by! 

I was going to write this blog post about these swimsuits sooner in June, but I just never found the time with work and other blog posts getting in the way. So I managed to finally find time to write about them now that summer is coming to an end, which is actually a little better because they're going to be on sale soon anyway, so best to get them at the cheapest prices. Now I can share you two of my favorite swimsuits that can help you get ideas for next summer or for the remaining days of this summer! 

Swimsuit 1 - Sheer Mesh One Piece  


This first bathing suit probably is the top of my favorite swimsuit list of the summer. It's a strapless sheer mesh one piece (it does come with straps in a mini bag if you would rather wear straps) and cost about $20-$30 dollars at Target. I think you can get it for a cheaper price now that summer is almost over. 

My mom was a little skeptical when I bought this and is still is. It definitely is a swimsuit that you probably shouldn't wear to a family gathering at the lake, beach, or pool. To be honest; however, I have bikinis that reveal more than this swimsuit!   

My favorite design of the swimsuit is on the back where the sheer mesh shows more clear lower back, as well as the open upper back.  


The reason I love this swimsuit the most is that I feel so sexy and confident in it, and who wouldn't?! Any girl with any body can rock this fierce piece with style! 


Swimsuit 2: Retro One Piece  

As you can tell by now, one pieces are one of my few obsessions for this summer. They're definitely back in season and look more stylish than ever. I hated wearing one piece bathing suits as a kid, and now I love them! 

Please don't mind my goofy dad photobombing behind me 😂 

Please don't mind my goofy dad photobombing behind me 😂 

I bought this swimsuit at Target for the same price as the sheer mesh one piece. Although this one is no longer in stock, you can find many similar ones for great prices almost anywhere (click the Walmart link down below if you're interested in one).

 I love the 50s retro vibe it gives me. It's definitely not as sketchy as the first on piece, although there is a tiny cutout on the chest that makes it a bit sexy. The majority of the look; however, is beyond classy which I love. 

Since we're on the topic of retro, I thought a black and white filter for this last picture would fit well with the theme of the suit!   


Swimsuit 1: Target

Swimsuit 2: Target similar swimsuit

Glasses: The LOFTsimilar glasses

Fall Fever

Finally, it's sweater (vest) weather! 

I just had the best fall break! I didn't do a whole lot, but that sometimes is the best type of break. I slept in every morning, I ate healthier (cause you know college food), went shopping, saw Keeping Up With The Joneses (surprisingly very funny!), and of course spent a great quality time with my family and friends from my hometown. I was exhausted from midterm exams and doing homework all the time, so a four day break was very necessary. And plus, it gave me more time to write this blog post! 

When my mom and I went shopping, I bought a few new clothes and I am eager to share them, I think they are just perfect for fall. And of course, what's a fall fashion photoshoot without pumpkins and everything fall-related?! 


The first part of my outfit I want to share are my new pair of light blue ripped mom jeans from Anthropologie. They're perfectly slim and high-waisted, and they are so comfy! At first, when I tried them on, I thought they are a bit tight, but aren't all jeans like that at first? After a while, they became more easy to put on and now I can last throughout the entire day without feeling one bit uncomfortable. I also finally have a pair of jeans that are more ripped, so that makes me very happy! 

Everything at Anthropologie is twenty percent off at the moment, so it's best to buy these jeans as soon as possible! 

My shoes, actually technically my mom's shoes, are designed by Børn and can be bought from Nordstrom. They are so comfy and chic, I'm going to have a can a pair for myself that I can wear all the time. Mom jeans and shoes worn by my mom, it's definitely obvious where I get my fashion sense from. 


Of course, I have to prepare for the chilly weather with a black long sleeve shirt from Target (designed by Merona), a black choker necklace from Francesca's, Ray Bay half frames from Sunglass Hut, and my new favorite gray sweater vest from Apple Tree. The vest is probably one of my new favorite fashion pieces for fall. I love how long it is and the soft material it has. It looks great with shirts, pants and dresses. Plus, it has pockets! 

Fall is a beautiful and pleasant time of the year that must be cherished every second as the leaves continue to fall and pumpkins continue to grow. When you have the chance, go on a beautiful fall hike or go to a farm and pick some of the best pumpkins to carve or eat. Also, find that one outfit, whether dressy or comfy, that makes you feel confident, lovely, and expresses the beauty of fall and what it means to you.

Make sure to bundle up though, it's getting cold out there! 

Vest: Apple Tree similar vest

Shirt: Target

Jeans: Anthropologie

Shoes: Nordstrom

Necklace: Francesca's

Sunglasses: Sunglass Hut

Summer Lovin'

Hello, lovelies! Happy June, at last! 

I am a little bummed that spring almost over, which means there won't be as many more flowers or mild temperature for about another year, unless if you live in a garden of course. But I am super excited about summer finally coming. The weather will be so much more nicer and warmer, which is a great excuse to wear shorts and skirts! Summer is a great time for me to relax, blog, travel, spend time with family and friends, listen to country jams, and so much more fun things to do. The best part, personally, is picking out new styles of clothing to wear for the sunny season! 

I just recently stocked up on some new clothing brands from some of my favorite stores, and I am  very satisfied with my purchases. The dress that I am wearing in this blog is a Printemps Linden shirtdress from Anthropologie, and it may be one of the best summer dresses I have ever owned. It fits very well for both my weight and height. I especially love the blue color tone, it is so flattering and adorable. It kind of looks like a dress that Audrey Hepburn or Kate Middleton would wear, it also kind of has an Alice in Wonderland look to it. It's a perfect short gown for picnics, festivals, and exploring a city! 

For shoes, I included my pair of jeweled snake sandals from Dillard's, designed by Antonio Melani Sonoran. I've had these shoes for a while now, so they are no longer in stock. But they are still in great shape, and you can probably find similar pairs in the link down below. 

Another purchase that I am super stoked about are these half-frame sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. They were only $15, so I just had to purchase them! Fashion tip: if you see something super cute that is super cheap and that you'll get a lot of use out of, do not resist and make that damn purchase!  

I seriously do love these new frames, I've been wanting a pair like these since last summer. I love the vintage-look and it goes perfect with every outfit. It does, however, not come with a case, so it's probably a good idea to find one so that the frames don't break. 

But giving you a fair warning, I did some research and it said these glasses do contain some sort of chemical that the state of California says may cause cancer or birth defects. I wouldn't be too concerned, however, it probably is not a super powerful chemical, but just in case for your concern. 

I also just bought some new beauty products from Ulta Beauty that will be in great use for this summer. One of the major products that I got is a new harlequin red lipstick made by Tarte, which I am absolutely in love with at the moment. It may be a bit dark, but it still looks natural on lips. It's also perfect for anyone who gets super tan in the summer. Plus, the product also comes with a red lip gloss on the other side! 

Lastly, I thought I would share my new necklace that Natalie gave me. It has a pink cupcake charm with my first name first initial on another charm, and it is so cute! Natalie gave it to me as a best friend gift. She has the same necklace as well, as a way to have each other's sweetness when we are not together. It is a sweet reminder that I will always have when I miss her, and I love this gift dearly. Thank you, my beautiful best friend! 

I hope you enjoyed this latest fashion post, and make sure to stayed tuned for summer style posts to come! Comment down below if you have any questions or concerns! :) 

Dress: Anthropologie

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Dillard's similar shoes

Lipstick: Tarte Cosmetics 

Necklace: Unknown - similar necklace