Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

It breaks my heart to say goodbye to summer and wait until next year for the warmth and sunshine to return to Ohio. However, I now look forward to the simple pleasures of fall. For me, I find it easy to transition from summer to fall because it's not like transitioning from summer to winter. You don't have to dress in super heavy clothing to beat off the chilly weather, but you still have more options rather than just throwing on shorts, flip flops, or a maxi dress. 

I think this outfit consisting of a tank, jeans, simple heels, and a diamond choker is a good fashionable transition from summer to fall. I'm in love with this new black velvet top from Francesca's which fits well for autumn and actually kind of has Halloween witch vibes, and witches are one of my favorite things about the holiday! I'm also very happy because believe or not, this is the first clothing item made of velvet material that I own, and I've been so anxious to finally have something made of velvet to wear! 


On a side note, even though I'm not a huge fan of the Kardashian family empire, I feel a lot like Kendall Jenner with this top because it looks like something she would wear. Just throwing that out there. 


Autumn will have times in which you'll need to throw on a jacket of some sort if it gets too chilly, which is great for this outfit. The black tank goes with anything, whether that may be a knit cardigan or a leather jacket. Look how perfectly matched the tank and jacket from Cecico in the picture below look, it shows off a cool greaser vibe!


The outfit looks great with any hairstyle, as you can see how I chose to wear my hair in a braid. I'll say that for the majority of outfits I talk about, but this one especially looks killer with any hairstyle, whether the hair is down or pinned back. 


I could rave about these ripped boyfriend jeans for about half of this post even though I've blogged about them before. They're absolutely comfy, trendy, and a little voguish. Now they're only $35 at American Eagle where I originally bought them from for $50, so now's the right time to purchase them before they go out of stock! Although I'm sure you'll find plenty of other similar pairs for great deals.  


And of course, I will never get over these classic black pointed toe pumps from J. Crew which I've probably blogged about at least ten times by now. They go with everything and always look classy and stylish no matter what, especially with the black velvet tank and jeans! Although if you're going to be walking around somewhere with open wooden floors, I recommend to reconsider wearing them (coming from personal experience while taking these pictures).


Summer has been quite a treat, and I'm already anxious for the sunny season to come back. But for now, I am going to enjoy the beauty and pleasures of autumn while it lasts (hey, that rhymes!) And on a positive note, there's only 110 more sleeps till Christmas, YAY! Although I'm in no rush, 2017 is going by way too fast.

Make sure to subscribe and keep up to date with my blog because I have a bunch of fall-related fashion and lifestyle posts coming, so be on the lookout! Happy September XOXO  

Shirt: Francesca's

Jeans: American Eagle

Jacket: Cecico similar jacket

Shoes: J. Crew

Necklace: Banana Republic similar necklace

Glasses: The LOFT - similar glasses

Watch: Macy's

Cheers to Summer

August is upon us, which means we aren't too far away from fall now. The end of summer is always unblissful, especially when you're in college like me and have to start classes again soon. I know there's a full month left of summer fun, but it's going to fly by! 

I was going to write this blog post about these swimsuits sooner in June, but I just never found the time with work and other blog posts getting in the way. So I managed to finally find time to write about them now that summer is coming to an end, which is actually a little better because they're going to be on sale soon anyway, so best to get them at the cheapest prices. Now I can share you two of my favorite swimsuits that can help you get ideas for next summer or for the remaining days of this summer! 

Swimsuit 1 - Sheer Mesh One Piece  


This first bathing suit probably is the top of my favorite swimsuit list of the summer. It's a strapless sheer mesh one piece (it does come with straps in a mini bag if you would rather wear straps) and cost about $20-$30 dollars at Target. I think you can get it for a cheaper price now that summer is almost over. 

My mom was a little skeptical when I bought this and is still is. It definitely is a swimsuit that you probably shouldn't wear to a family gathering at the lake, beach, or pool. To be honest; however, I have bikinis that reveal more than this swimsuit!   

My favorite design of the swimsuit is on the back where the sheer mesh shows more clear lower back, as well as the open upper back.  


The reason I love this swimsuit the most is that I feel so sexy and confident in it, and who wouldn't?! Any girl with any body can rock this fierce piece with style! 


Swimsuit 2: Retro One Piece  

As you can tell by now, one pieces are one of my few obsessions for this summer. They're definitely back in season and look more stylish than ever. I hated wearing one piece bathing suits as a kid, and now I love them! 

Please don't mind my goofy dad photobombing behind me 😂 

Please don't mind my goofy dad photobombing behind me 😂 

I bought this swimsuit at Target for the same price as the sheer mesh one piece. Although this one is no longer in stock, you can find many similar ones for great prices almost anywhere (click the Walmart link down below if you're interested in one).

 I love the 50s retro vibe it gives me. It's definitely not as sketchy as the first on piece, although there is a tiny cutout on the chest that makes it a bit sexy. The majority of the look; however, is beyond classy which I love. 

Since we're on the topic of retro, I thought a black and white filter for this last picture would fit well with the theme of the suit!   


Swimsuit 1: Target

Swimsuit 2: Target similar swimsuit

Glasses: The LOFTsimilar glasses