Pretty in Pink (and White)

You know that happy dance you do when find good local coffee in a city that you’re traveling in? Yep, that’s how I felt at Barista Parlor when I wore my long flowy satin dress and ordered an iced bourbon vanilla latte. Scroll down to see and read!


Both the skirt and the turtleneck crop top are from Zara, and I actually bought them in Florence, Italy! I wanted to take pictures in the outfit for my Instagram and blog in Italy, but I was too busy with exploring and taking my classes that I didn’t fit it into my schedule. So instead, I saved it for my trip to Nashville for the Delight Ministries conference. It It was actually better in a way because the organization’s signature color is pink, so it was incredibly convenient and fitting! A lot of girls asked where it was from, so I specifically would told them it was from Zara in Florence. It’s worth telling if it’s from Europe, even if it’s by a global brand!

When I saw the two pieces in the store, I thought they would look perfect together. I thought it would be such a cute European-like outfit to bring back home, although I was anxious while waiting for a dressing room and hoping it would actually look good on me. Thankfully, the Lord answered my prayer and it turned out to be so beautiful and unresistable! They were also both around $15-$30 euros … even more beautiful and resistible!

I’m INCREDIBLY in love with the satin hot pink skirt. I love the luster, the flowyness (perfect for twirling, as you can tell), and the asymmetrical hem. As for the top, I love the curvy details on the bottom and the turtleneck part. It makes it look very delicate for being a crop top. Besides this skirt, it would also look great with jeans, shorts, leggings, and other skirts as well. These two pieces combined are perfect for a fun night out during the summertime!



Top: Zara

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Target

Disney Darling


After learning that LeBron James is leaving Cleveland to play for the Lakers, the one thing that would cheer me up most would be another trip to Disneyland. However, I can’t be too upset because LeBron delivered his promise, he still loves his city, he still plans to continue his fundraising foundation, and he will eventually come back for good someday, whether as a returning or retiring player. He is still the king of Cleveland no matter where he goes! But I still want to go back to Disneyland to cheer myself up.

Speaking of Disneyland, I have a new outfit to share with ya ... my Disneyland outfit!

This red polka dot romper from Francesca’s was a gift from my parents for my 22nd birthday. I had already planned my outfit for our trip to Disney prior to May 20th (my birthday), but then I totally changed my mind when I received the romper. It’s so adorable, so fun, and its red and white polka dot design resembles something that Minnie Mouse would totally wear! It made perfect sense.

I finished the look with my super comfortable red sneakers from Vionic Shoes (I highly recommend wearing this brand for long days consisting of walking and standing in lines nonstop!), a gold layered choker necklace from Francesca’s, my sunglasses from Ray-Ban, and, of course, my darling Minnie Mouse ears headband.

I’m most definitely a full on Disney darling!


It was a perfect, thrilling, and enchanting day. I felt like a princess! Of course, until the stroke of midnight when I turned back into a peasant college student ...



Catch Ya on the Flippity Flop

Happy Saturday! 

The title of this post is so relevant because I'm sharing a new pair of flip flops from Vionic by Lucky Shoes! Online dictionaries define the term "flippity flop" as "with a flip and a flop", such as tumbling down the stairs. For this case; however, I'm referring to my new chic shoes!

I collaborated with Vionic back in February for their "Discover The Secret" campaign, and I'm happy to announce that I'm collaborating with them again this June! I'll give you more details and insight about it later on in the post, but first I'm gonna tell you about my new bad boys (shoes). 

I absolutely adore these sandals. They are by Vionic Shoes and are called Farra sandals. I love the red shiny material, but the best and most unique feature is the disc-ornamented gold. I feel like Cleopatra! Not only are the shoes super comfortable but every strap is adjustable with hook-and-loop closures, including the back strap! And even better yet, they match perfect with the shirt and shorts I'm wearing (both from J. Crew). That's always a nice perk. 


And since I got the shoes and took these pictures on National Wine Day, a glass (or three) of oaky 2016 Resolute Chardonnay was a necessary treat! 


Now coming back to the collaboration announcement. I have some exciting news for you shoe lovers ... Vionic by Lucky Shoes has opened their second store in the USA at Crocker Park in Westlake, OH! The first store opened in 2017 at Fairlawn. They're also hosting a special opening for their flip flop collection, "Vionic Flip-Flop Day", on June 16th, and I'm one of the local Cleveland fashion bloggers that gets to attend the big event!

I'm super thrilled to be a part of this, especially since I love Vionic and their products. The event is going to be spectacular and filled with tons of excitement. Liam Bourke, the on-air personality for Vionic, will be in attendance for an exclusive meet and greet. Guests will also receive a premium gift with any Vionic shoe purchase, while supplies last. Overall, it's going to be an amazing experience and I hope anyone who will be in the Cleveland area at the time will show up. It'll be a blast, and you can never say no to comfortable stylish shoes! Style doesn't have to hurt!


Farra Sandals: Vionic Shoes


Cheers to Summer

August is upon us, which means we aren't too far away from fall now. The end of summer is always unblissful, especially when you're in college like me and have to start classes again soon. I know there's a full month left of summer fun, but it's going to fly by! 

I was going to write this blog post about these swimsuits sooner in June, but I just never found the time with work and other blog posts getting in the way. So I managed to finally find time to write about them now that summer is coming to an end, which is actually a little better because they're going to be on sale soon anyway, so best to get them at the cheapest prices. Now I can share you two of my favorite swimsuits that can help you get ideas for next summer or for the remaining days of this summer! 

Swimsuit 1 - Sheer Mesh One Piece  


This first bathing suit probably is the top of my favorite swimsuit list of the summer. It's a strapless sheer mesh one piece (it does come with straps in a mini bag if you would rather wear straps) and cost about $20-$30 dollars at Target. I think you can get it for a cheaper price now that summer is almost over. 

My mom was a little skeptical when I bought this and is still is. It definitely is a swimsuit that you probably shouldn't wear to a family gathering at the lake, beach, or pool. To be honest; however, I have bikinis that reveal more than this swimsuit!   

My favorite design of the swimsuit is on the back where the sheer mesh shows more clear lower back, as well as the open upper back.  


The reason I love this swimsuit the most is that I feel so sexy and confident in it, and who wouldn't?! Any girl with any body can rock this fierce piece with style! 


Swimsuit 2: Retro One Piece  

As you can tell by now, one pieces are one of my few obsessions for this summer. They're definitely back in season and look more stylish than ever. I hated wearing one piece bathing suits as a kid, and now I love them! 

Please don't mind my goofy dad photobombing behind me 😂 

Please don't mind my goofy dad photobombing behind me 😂 

I bought this swimsuit at Target for the same price as the sheer mesh one piece. Although this one is no longer in stock, you can find many similar ones for great prices almost anywhere (click the Walmart link down below if you're interested in one).

 I love the 50s retro vibe it gives me. It's definitely not as sketchy as the first on piece, although there is a tiny cutout on the chest that makes it a bit sexy. The majority of the look; however, is beyond classy which I love. 

Since we're on the topic of retro, I thought a black and white filter for this last picture would fit well with the theme of the suit!   


Swimsuit 1: Target

Swimsuit 2: Target similar swimsuit

Glasses: The LOFTsimilar glasses

Wine and Dine

Stop your "wining" and pour yourself a glass!  

I said it once and I'll say it again, I love Napa. It's not even just because of all the kinds of wine that are made there, it was the scenery that absolutely blew me away. My favorite day during my time there was when we took a wine trolley tour through the valley for exploring and wine tastings. I wanted to look nice for the tour, but at the same time I wanted to be comfortable for six hours straight. So as a fashion maven, I thought this coral off the shoulder dress from Anthropologie was a perfect choice. 


Like red, the color coral brings out the bold in me. It's also a beachy kind of color, which goes very well with my summer/California style. Although this makes me feel more sweet and classy rather than sexy, I still have so much confidence when wearing it, especially with the off the shoulder portion of the dress. A little wine also adds some confidence as well! 


If you know me well, you know that I can't resist a dress with pockets, and thankfully this dress has them! One of the ladies we became friends with on the tour gave me the nickname "Pockets", which I don't even mind one bit. I hope it catches on! 


I'm obsessed with my cat eye sunglasses from The LOFT. I love the shape and the fact that you can wear them with anything. They make me feel like a movie star! 


Cheers to a wonderful time in Napa Valley and to Anthropologie for always bringing summer in style! 


Dress: Anthropologie

Sunglasses: The LOFTsimilar glasses

Shoes: Sperry - similar shoes

Cleveland Fashionista

Win or lose, Cleveland always rocks! 

Unfortunately, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost Game 5 of the NBA Finals. I will admit that I did shed a few tears, but then I reminded myself about the fact that our team won a championship last year and that they managed to make it to the NBA Finals three years in a row. Cleveland has grown and improved in the past few years, and it will continue to do so in the next years to come. No matter what happens, I will always love and support my city till the day I die! Speaking of which ... 

I got this shirt at the Cleveland Cavaliers Game 4 outdoor fan fest/watch party outside the Q for $25. It was designed by a clothing brand that's very supportive of Cleveland called Fresh Brewed Tees. It's a great fit, it's so soft, and it truly represents my love for the city. There are New York City fashionistas and there are Los Angeles fashionistas, but I'm a straight up and proud Cleveland fashionista! 


I know I say this a lot about most of my outfits, but this shirt really does go great with anything. Jeans, legging, skirts, you name it! I think this denim skirt from Target, my favorite All-Star Converse shoes, and glasses are great additions to the show and give off a sporty, chic vibe. That definitely screams Cleveland Fashionista!


 I wore it the day after I purchased it,  for a night out in Little Italy, CLE (aka the most authentic and charming neighborhood in Northeast Ohio) with my parents. Could it BE any more perfect? Not at all, especially when you have some soft serve chocolate gelato in one hand! 


To those who underestimate Cleveland as a city, think again. First off, LeBron and his team won a championship after miraculously coming back from a 3-1 lead- which had never been done before in NBA history. That same year, the Indians made it to the World Series. Despite not winning, they still made it! We are also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Lake Erie, Swenson's, West Side Market, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Little Italy (obviously), Playhouse Square aka the largest performing arts theatre district outside of New York, Blossom Music Center, and Cedar Point aka the Roller Coaster Capital of the World which is only an hour drive away. A long time ago we also used to have an actual SeaWorld park in the area which was neighbors across the pond from the now abandoned Geauga Lake, which there are rumors spreading around that it might become the new site a big movie studio. Safe to say, we have a lot of pretty cool things to be proud of! 

You don't have to like Cleveland, sometimes even Clevelanders themselves don't like it from time to time (long winters are hard to take). But that doesn't mean we stop supporting it, and we'll always come back - because it's home. The same goes for all of Ohio, and it's called "the heart of it all" for a reason (it actually is shaped like a heart!) I will never be ashamed to call Cleveland my true home. When I finally get the chance to pursue this blog as a freelance career, I plan on staying in Cleveland as my hub - with the opportunity to travel the world time to time. Even if the dreams and future God has in store for me takes me somewhere else, I have no doubt that I will always be coming back to the city and state that I love. That truly says a lot if you ask me. 

Cleveland against the world!


Shirt: Fresh Brewed Tees

Skirt: Target similar skirt

Shoes: Macy's

Summer Lovin'

Hello, lovelies! Happy June, at last! 

I am a little bummed that spring almost over, which means there won't be as many more flowers or mild temperature for about another year, unless if you live in a garden of course. But I am super excited about summer finally coming. The weather will be so much more nicer and warmer, which is a great excuse to wear shorts and skirts! Summer is a great time for me to relax, blog, travel, spend time with family and friends, listen to country jams, and so much more fun things to do. The best part, personally, is picking out new styles of clothing to wear for the sunny season! 

I just recently stocked up on some new clothing brands from some of my favorite stores, and I am  very satisfied with my purchases. The dress that I am wearing in this blog is a Printemps Linden shirtdress from Anthropologie, and it may be one of the best summer dresses I have ever owned. It fits very well for both my weight and height. I especially love the blue color tone, it is so flattering and adorable. It kind of looks like a dress that Audrey Hepburn or Kate Middleton would wear, it also kind of has an Alice in Wonderland look to it. It's a perfect short gown for picnics, festivals, and exploring a city! 

For shoes, I included my pair of jeweled snake sandals from Dillard's, designed by Antonio Melani Sonoran. I've had these shoes for a while now, so they are no longer in stock. But they are still in great shape, and you can probably find similar pairs in the link down below. 

Another purchase that I am super stoked about are these half-frame sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. They were only $15, so I just had to purchase them! Fashion tip: if you see something super cute that is super cheap and that you'll get a lot of use out of, do not resist and make that damn purchase!  

I seriously do love these new frames, I've been wanting a pair like these since last summer. I love the vintage-look and it goes perfect with every outfit. It does, however, not come with a case, so it's probably a good idea to find one so that the frames don't break. 

But giving you a fair warning, I did some research and it said these glasses do contain some sort of chemical that the state of California says may cause cancer or birth defects. I wouldn't be too concerned, however, it probably is not a super powerful chemical, but just in case for your concern. 

I also just bought some new beauty products from Ulta Beauty that will be in great use for this summer. One of the major products that I got is a new harlequin red lipstick made by Tarte, which I am absolutely in love with at the moment. It may be a bit dark, but it still looks natural on lips. It's also perfect for anyone who gets super tan in the summer. Plus, the product also comes with a red lip gloss on the other side! 

Lastly, I thought I would share my new necklace that Natalie gave me. It has a pink cupcake charm with my first name first initial on another charm, and it is so cute! Natalie gave it to me as a best friend gift. She has the same necklace as well, as a way to have each other's sweetness when we are not together. It is a sweet reminder that I will always have when I miss her, and I love this gift dearly. Thank you, my beautiful best friend! 

I hope you enjoyed this latest fashion post, and make sure to stayed tuned for summer style posts to come! Comment down below if you have any questions or concerns! :) 

Dress: Anthropologie

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Dillard's similar shoes

Lipstick: Tarte Cosmetics 

Necklace: Unknown - similar necklace


Professional Fashion

Though summer is the best time of the year to take a break from practically the world, there is still work to keep busy with and to make money. This summer, I am working as an intern at Gojo Industries, Inc. It is a private headquarters in which they manufacture hand hygiene and skin care products, including their bestseller Purell. This is my second summer working there, and I am glad to be an intern again! about it! My dad is a sales manager for the company, so a lot of the people I will be working with know me very well and are flexible with my work hours and such. I will only be working three times each week, so that's a bonus, too! An internship is extremely valuable to future reference, and one of my major keys to doing the job right is dressing for success!

Pleather Weather

I believe pleather/leather material in outfits look very professional. They may not be the comfiest, but they sure make a job well-done! One of my main outfits that I have planned to wear for some of my work days is this brown pleather pencil skirt that I bought from Ann Taylor (for a very good deal!) I am very happy because this may be my most professional-looking one that I can easily pull of for both work and parties. The material is really good too, and I love the dark brown color. It goes with pretty much everything, heck wear a big lazy T-shirt and rock any occasion! 

For the top part, I have a black pocket shell tank from the LOFT. I managed to get it on sale, and it's perfect for this summer. I love the soft, loose material and the V-neck line. It can literally match anything, including pants, shorts, and skirts. I think I saw Anna Kendrick wear a very similar shirt in Pitch Perfect 2

Brown and black make a good color combo, so it's a smart idea to make your shoes the same color. Here I am wearing my infamous yet classic black pumps from J. Crew. They are a pain in the A-word to walk in, but they sure make any outfit a 10/10! 

Finally for accessories, I think it's best to keep this outfit simple with some of my favorite Alex and Ani gold bracelets and a cute gold initial bar pendant necklace from Urban Outfitters. Less is more!


Shirt: LOFT

Skirt: Ann Taylor similar skirt 

Shoes: J. Crew 

Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Bracelets: Alex and Ani


I may have only put this on this blog as an excuse to wear it, but it can be revenant for business fashion, too! I am absolutely obsessed with this check-print maxi dress that I bought from Zara during my trip to New York City. Zara is one of my mom, sister, and I's favorite stores to shop at. It has the most classiest and fashionable clothes ever. It's actually where Kate Middleton shops, so we it's awesome to know that we have the same taste in style! I love this dress because it's very comfy, I love the pattern, and I think the cut-out part on the right bottom is very chic. It's a perfect long dress that you can wear for almost anything, even church! 

For shoes, I again choose my classic black pumps from J. Crew. WARNING: If you are planning to work somewhere that involves a lot of walking around, these shoes may not be the best comfort option! 

For the final touch, I choose to wear my long gold necklace with a stick-like thing. My cousin bought it for me from Francesca's, I think, for Christmas and I wear it all the time. I also have on blue teardrop earrings from Francesca's also. They kind of remind me of Princess Peach's earrings!  

Dress: Zara 

Shoes: J. Crew

Necklace: Francesca's similar necklace

Earrings: Francesca's

 Summer Lovin' 

My last outfit choice fits very well for both work and summer. I love wearing black and white clothes the most because they go with everything. You could wear sparkly technicolor shoes with large diamonds and they still would look good! I just bought this contrast-trim dress from New York & Company, which was on sale for only twenty or thirty dollars. This is one of my favorite purchases I have ever made for the summer, and I'm so excited to wear it for my internship and other fun events! I recommend wearing a black or colorful belt with this, it makes it look even more dandy.

I couldn't tell you how long I've ha these big sunglasses for, but they're still in good shape! I bought these cat eye frames from Ann Taylor a few years ago. I am planning on getting new sunglasses for the summer, but I still really like this pair. The bigger the better! 

These red and black heels actually belong to Natalie, and luckily we wear the same size shoe! They are from Michael Kors, and they are a great combination of classic and professional! 

Finally, my bag is from Harrods, an upmarket department store located in London (as you can tell by the design). This is not on of my best purses for work use, but I haven't used it in a while and I thought it would look really good with the dress. It's nice because it's a fun purse full of color, a fancy design, and a fun theme. Who doesn't like London?!   

And of course, I couldn't leave out my one and only snazzy watch from Fossil, best accessory for any job! 

Dress: New York & Company

Shoes: Michael Kors similar shoes 

Purse: Harrods

Sunglasses: Ann Taylor similar frames

Watch: Macy's