Pretty in Pink (and White)

You know that happy dance you do when find good local coffee in a city that you’re traveling in? Yep, that’s how I felt at Barista Parlor when I wore my long flowy satin dress and ordered an iced bourbon vanilla latte. Scroll down to see and read!


Both the skirt and the turtleneck crop top are from Zara, and I actually bought them in Florence, Italy! I wanted to take pictures in the outfit for my Instagram and blog in Italy, but I was too busy with exploring and taking my classes that I didn’t fit it into my schedule. So instead, I saved it for my trip to Nashville for the Delight Ministries conference. It It was actually better in a way because the organization’s signature color is pink, so it was incredibly convenient and fitting! A lot of girls asked where it was from, so I specifically would told them it was from Zara in Florence. It’s worth telling if it’s from Europe, even if it’s by a global brand!

When I saw the two pieces in the store, I thought they would look perfect together. I thought it would be such a cute European-like outfit to bring back home, although I was anxious while waiting for a dressing room and hoping it would actually look good on me. Thankfully, the Lord answered my prayer and it turned out to be so beautiful and unresistable! They were also both around $15-$30 euros … even more beautiful and resistible!

I’m INCREDIBLY in love with the satin hot pink skirt. I love the luster, the flowyness (perfect for twirling, as you can tell), and the asymmetrical hem. As for the top, I love the curvy details on the bottom and the turtleneck part. It makes it look very delicate for being a crop top. Besides this skirt, it would also look great with jeans, shorts, leggings, and other skirts as well. These two pieces combined are perfect for a fun night out during the summertime!



Top: Zara

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Target

Disney Darling


After learning that LeBron James is leaving Cleveland to play for the Lakers, the one thing that would cheer me up most would be another trip to Disneyland. However, I can’t be too upset because LeBron delivered his promise, he still loves his city, he still plans to continue his fundraising foundation, and he will eventually come back for good someday, whether as a returning or retiring player. He is still the king of Cleveland no matter where he goes! But I still want to go back to Disneyland to cheer myself up.

Speaking of Disneyland, I have a new outfit to share with ya ... my Disneyland outfit!

This red polka dot romper from Francesca’s was a gift from my parents for my 22nd birthday. I had already planned my outfit for our trip to Disney prior to May 20th (my birthday), but then I totally changed my mind when I received the romper. It’s so adorable, so fun, and its red and white polka dot design resembles something that Minnie Mouse would totally wear! It made perfect sense.

I finished the look with my super comfortable red sneakers from Vionic Shoes (I highly recommend wearing this brand for long days consisting of walking and standing in lines nonstop!), a gold layered choker necklace from Francesca’s, my sunglasses from Ray-Ban, and, of course, my darling Minnie Mouse ears headband.

I’m most definitely a full on Disney darling!


It was a perfect, thrilling, and enchanting day. I felt like a princess! Of course, until the stroke of midnight when I turned back into a peasant college student ...