Catch Ya on the Flippity Flop

Happy Saturday! 

The title of this post is so relevant because I'm sharing a new pair of flip flops from Vionic by Lucky Shoes! Online dictionaries define the term "flippity flop" as "with a flip and a flop", such as tumbling down the stairs. For this case; however, I'm referring to my new chic shoes!

I collaborated with Vionic back in February for their "Discover The Secret" campaign, and I'm happy to announce that I'm collaborating with them again this June! I'll give you more details and insight about it later on in the post, but first I'm gonna tell you about my new bad boys (shoes). 

I absolutely adore these sandals. They are by Vionic Shoes and are called Farra sandals. I love the red shiny material, but the best and most unique feature is the disc-ornamented gold. I feel like Cleopatra! Not only are the shoes super comfortable but every strap is adjustable with hook-and-loop closures, including the back strap! And even better yet, they match perfect with the shirt and shorts I'm wearing (both from J. Crew). That's always a nice perk. 


And since I got the shoes and took these pictures on National Wine Day, a glass (or three) of oaky 2016 Resolute Chardonnay was a necessary treat! 


Now coming back to the collaboration announcement. I have some exciting news for you shoe lovers ... Vionic by Lucky Shoes has opened their second store in the USA at Crocker Park in Westlake, OH! The first store opened in 2017 at Fairlawn. They're also hosting a special opening for their flip flop collection, "Vionic Flip-Flop Day", on June 16th, and I'm one of the local Cleveland fashion bloggers that gets to attend the big event!

I'm super thrilled to be a part of this, especially since I love Vionic and their products. The event is going to be spectacular and filled with tons of excitement. Liam Bourke, the on-air personality for Vionic, will be in attendance for an exclusive meet and greet. Guests will also receive a premium gift with any Vionic shoe purchase, while supplies last. Overall, it's going to be an amazing experience and I hope anyone who will be in the Cleveland area at the time will show up. It'll be a blast, and you can never say no to comfortable stylish shoes! Style doesn't have to hurt!


Farra Sandals: Vionic Shoes


Hoppy Easter

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday filled with love and blessings!

Easter definitely ranks in the top three for favorite annual holidays (Christmas and Independence Day being the other two). It's an amazing celebration, especially because we get to honor our Savior Jesus Christ who sacrificed His own life and freed us from the sinful chains! I love spending the holiday by going to church, going to visit my family for dinner, and of course watching adorable kids hunt for pastel eggs. 

What I also love about Easter is that it's held at the beginning of springtime. Though I'm more of a summer and fall loving girl, I appreciate spring with all my heart. The weather is mild, flowers are finally blooming, and my birthday takes place during this season! And of course, as a style blogger, I have to share a new favorite outfit for the springtime!


I just recently bought this new floral maxi dress and olive green crossbody bag from Francesca's, one of my top favorite retailers. They just opened up their spring style collection and they have a variety of pretty outfit pieces, it was hard to choose what to buy without spending too much money! Before trying the maxi dress on, I wasn't sure if it was going to look good on me. But then I tried it on and I felt really good in it! It's so darling, comfy, chic, and perfect for spring. I love the floral design, and my hot pink nails match perfectly with it! 

My mom found the bag while I was trying clothes on and told me to wear it with the dress. It matched so well, and the olive green color makes it match with a lot of other colors. Again, perfect for spring!


Of course, I can't leave out my killer bomber jacket from styleNmotion. It looks so spunky and classy with the dress. It also fits well for the occasion since it's still not quite warm outdoors. 

And you can never go wrong with chic black booties by Steve Madden. This entire outfit makes me feel like I'm ready to go to a Coachella festival!



A Unique Watch for a Unique Valentine

Thank you to JORD Watches for sponsoring this post. All opinions/reviews are mine. 


It's now February and Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year, is just around the corner. Have you thought about the gift you want to give to your special someone? If you're still looking for sweet ideas, I have just the solution for you ... a wooden watch from JORD Watches!


JORD provides a variety of unique wooden watches for both men and women. They were so kind enough to reach out and ask me to partner with them for their Valentine's Day campaign. I, of course, couldn't resist such an amazing opportunity with an amazing brand. Plus, I got a beautiful wooden watch!

The watches come in all different types of wood - from  maple to ebony, you name it! I got a cool watch from the Fieldcrest series by JORD. This one is a maple wood and fits my wrist just right, not too big or small. It's so beautiful, I recieved it in the mail not too long ago and I've already gotten a ton of compliments on it!


I'm also excited to tell y'all that JORD Watches and I are holding a Valentine's giveaway, and we want YOU to enter! The contest allows you to have the chance to win a $100 gift code to use on JORD's website. If you win, you can buy a wooden watch as a gift for your special someone! Or if you're single, you can even buy one for yourself because you're freaking awesome! 

Donna Meagle.gif

Click here to enter the contest! 

The contest closes on February 25th and the winner's gift code will expire on March 11th if not used sooner. But don't worry, no rush at all ❤️ I should also mention that all entrants get a 10% off discount on watches, so it’s a win-win for everybody! 

And whether you win or not, you can click the links down below to JORD's collections of watches, including my fieldcrest wooden watch. Good luck!  

Shop Men's Watches

Shop Women's Watches

Shop My Watch

Luxury Wooden Watch

Black Friday

Did anyone go shopping on Black Friday last week? If you're reading this, I hope you didn't get too injured, as a lot of people probably have ... Thankfully, I didn't get hurt, nor did my sister or mom! In fact, we had a successful trip. We didn't buy too much, but enough to not empty our bank savings. I bought a cute skirt from Anthropologie and a Christmas bath bomb from LUSH Cosmetics. However, I didn't have time to do a cute outfit idea photoshoot while shopping due to all the craziness. So instead, I took some pictures ahead of time at Summit Mall in Fairlawn, Ohio to show off a cute new outfit that's fit for Black Friday.   

Also, what better way to celebrate Black Friday than to wear a full on stylish black outfit, from top to bottom! 


This is the first choker outfit that I’ve owned, and I’m in love with it. It’s from styleNmotion and is perfect just in time to wear to holiday parties. Why not even wear it while Black Friday shopping? There’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t!   

I love the way the choker looks on this dress. It has a combination of both super rockstar-like as well as elegant and sophisticated. 


My favorite part of this dress might actually be the sleeves. The bottom parts have triangular cutout and are very loose. 


Not gonna lie, the dress combined with the lace tights and riding boots make me feel kind of goth ... in a cool, good way! Not too goth, to say the least. A classy goth! If you're goth and reading this, please don't come at me in the comments ... 

What's in the ( Sephora ) bag?

What's in the (Sephora) bag?

And of course, no shopping trip is complete without a quick pick me up from Starbucks! I highly recommend you try their seasonal salted caramel hot chocolate, it's sooooooooooo delicious. 


This all seems like a successful Black Friday if you ask me! 

Just so you know, styleNmotion has officially launched this black dress on their website today. You can take a look at it here and use the discount code 'Sweet25' at checkout. Happy shopping!


Fall Into Style

Don't even question it ... sweater weather in Ohio isn't over and won't be until March or even April. Our state's weather is very unpredictable, just ask the meteorologists at Fox 8 News

But I'm not complaining, especially with this new butter yellow chenille sweater from styleNmotion! This is one of my favorite sweaters I have ever owned and I've always envisioned myself with a soft yellow one like this before I finally bought it!


Chenille sweaters are very trendy right now, but I didn't know that until after I got this sweater. I'm honestly happy about that because I feel like I started a trend, all thanks to styleNmotion!

I love the cozy chenille fabric and ribbed trim. It's the type of material I remember my older relatives wearing when I was younger, which brings back happy memories. My new sweater just proves that the material on clothing is still in style and rocking more than ever! It's 100% polyester, comes in more than one size (the site states itself that it fits true to size!), and can only be hand washed. 

My dog Max the other day actually saw it laying out and gently took it like no one was watching. Thankfully I caught him and got the sweater back without any rips or dog salvia, but that just tells you how awesome it is because even my dog likes it! 


This is random, but can we take a moment to appreciate the perfectly timed photo with the clouds and blue sky reflecting in the window? It's so amazing! Laura (my photographer) was looking for the right angles before taking the picture and she saw that the clouds and sky looked clear and perfect in the window behind me. It turned out so artsy! 


I'm also still obsesseding over these cropped high-rise skinny jeans and nude lace-up booties, both from Anthropologie, which I talked about in my last fashion blog post. Super comfy, super stylish, and super perfect all year-round. 


And of course, what is a fall fashion photoshoot without a pumpkin the same size of my head?! 

Look, I’m a pumpkin head! 🎃 

Look, I’m a pumpkin head! 🎃 


If you love this sweater like I do, go shop for it right here. There's only 5 left in stock!

I also want to let you know that styleNmotion is having Black Friday deals on their website. They're having a huge sale, 40% off everything from Friday to Monday. That's a pretty freaking good deal! It also saves you a trip from shopping in public if you're not in New York City (where the boutique is located). Please take the chance to check out styleNmotion's stylish collections ahead of time before Black Friday, including the yellow chenille sweater!

Photos were taken by Laura Ryka (Instagram: 

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

It breaks my heart to say goodbye to summer and wait until next year for the warmth and sunshine to return to Ohio. However, I now look forward to the simple pleasures of fall. For me, I find it easy to transition from summer to fall because it's not like transitioning from summer to winter. You don't have to dress in super heavy clothing to beat off the chilly weather, but you still have more options rather than just throwing on shorts, flip flops, or a maxi dress. 

I think this outfit consisting of a tank, jeans, simple heels, and a diamond choker is a good fashionable transition from summer to fall. I'm in love with this new black velvet top from Francesca's which fits well for autumn and actually kind of has Halloween witch vibes, and witches are one of my favorite things about the holiday! I'm also very happy because believe or not, this is the first clothing item made of velvet material that I own, and I've been so anxious to finally have something made of velvet to wear! 


On a side note, even though I'm not a huge fan of the Kardashian family empire, I feel a lot like Kendall Jenner with this top because it looks like something she would wear. Just throwing that out there. 


Autumn will have times in which you'll need to throw on a jacket of some sort if it gets too chilly, which is great for this outfit. The black tank goes with anything, whether that may be a knit cardigan or a leather jacket. Look how perfectly matched the tank and jacket from Cecico in the picture below look, it shows off a cool greaser vibe!


The outfit looks great with any hairstyle, as you can see how I chose to wear my hair in a braid. I'll say that for the majority of outfits I talk about, but this one especially looks killer with any hairstyle, whether the hair is down or pinned back. 


I could rave about these ripped boyfriend jeans for about half of this post even though I've blogged about them before. They're absolutely comfy, trendy, and a little voguish. Now they're only $35 at American Eagle where I originally bought them from for $50, so now's the right time to purchase them before they go out of stock! Although I'm sure you'll find plenty of other similar pairs for great deals.  


And of course, I will never get over these classic black pointed toe pumps from J. Crew which I've probably blogged about at least ten times by now. They go with everything and always look classy and stylish no matter what, especially with the black velvet tank and jeans! Although if you're going to be walking around somewhere with open wooden floors, I recommend to reconsider wearing them (coming from personal experience while taking these pictures).


Summer has been quite a treat, and I'm already anxious for the sunny season to come back. But for now, I am going to enjoy the beauty and pleasures of autumn while it lasts (hey, that rhymes!) And on a positive note, there's only 110 more sleeps till Christmas, YAY! Although I'm in no rush, 2017 is going by way too fast.

Make sure to subscribe and keep up to date with my blog because I have a bunch of fall-related fashion and lifestyle posts coming, so be on the lookout! Happy September XOXO  

Shirt: Francesca's

Jeans: American Eagle

Jacket: Cecico similar jacket

Shoes: J. Crew

Necklace: Banana Republic similar necklace

Glasses: The LOFT - similar glasses

Watch: Macy's

Wine and Dine

Stop your "wining" and pour yourself a glass!  

I said it once and I'll say it again, I love Napa. It's not even just because of all the kinds of wine that are made there, it was the scenery that absolutely blew me away. My favorite day during my time there was when we took a wine trolley tour through the valley for exploring and wine tastings. I wanted to look nice for the tour, but at the same time I wanted to be comfortable for six hours straight. So as a fashion maven, I thought this coral off the shoulder dress from Anthropologie was a perfect choice. 


Like red, the color coral brings out the bold in me. It's also a beachy kind of color, which goes very well with my summer/California style. Although this makes me feel more sweet and classy rather than sexy, I still have so much confidence when wearing it, especially with the off the shoulder portion of the dress. A little wine also adds some confidence as well! 


If you know me well, you know that I can't resist a dress with pockets, and thankfully this dress has them! One of the ladies we became friends with on the tour gave me the nickname "Pockets", which I don't even mind one bit. I hope it catches on! 


I'm obsessed with my cat eye sunglasses from The LOFT. I love the shape and the fact that you can wear them with anything. They make me feel like a movie star! 


Cheers to a wonderful time in Napa Valley and to Anthropologie for always bringing summer in style! 


Dress: Anthropologie

Sunglasses: The LOFTsimilar glasses

Shoes: Sperry - similar shoes

Cleveland Fashionista

Win or lose, Cleveland always rocks! 

Unfortunately, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost Game 5 of the NBA Finals. I will admit that I did shed a few tears, but then I reminded myself about the fact that our team won a championship last year and that they managed to make it to the NBA Finals three years in a row. Cleveland has grown and improved in the past few years, and it will continue to do so in the next years to come. No matter what happens, I will always love and support my city till the day I die! Speaking of which ... 

I got this shirt at the Cleveland Cavaliers Game 4 outdoor fan fest/watch party outside the Q for $25. It was designed by a clothing brand that's very supportive of Cleveland called Fresh Brewed Tees. It's a great fit, it's so soft, and it truly represents my love for the city. There are New York City fashionistas and there are Los Angeles fashionistas, but I'm a straight up and proud Cleveland fashionista! 


I know I say this a lot about most of my outfits, but this shirt really does go great with anything. Jeans, legging, skirts, you name it! I think this denim skirt from Target, my favorite All-Star Converse shoes, and glasses are great additions to the show and give off a sporty, chic vibe. That definitely screams Cleveland Fashionista!


 I wore it the day after I purchased it,  for a night out in Little Italy, CLE (aka the most authentic and charming neighborhood in Northeast Ohio) with my parents. Could it BE any more perfect? Not at all, especially when you have some soft serve chocolate gelato in one hand! 


To those who underestimate Cleveland as a city, think again. First off, LeBron and his team won a championship after miraculously coming back from a 3-1 lead- which had never been done before in NBA history. That same year, the Indians made it to the World Series. Despite not winning, they still made it! We are also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Lake Erie, Swenson's, West Side Market, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Little Italy (obviously), Playhouse Square aka the largest performing arts theatre district outside of New York, Blossom Music Center, and Cedar Point aka the Roller Coaster Capital of the World which is only an hour drive away. A long time ago we also used to have an actual SeaWorld park in the area which was neighbors across the pond from the now abandoned Geauga Lake, which there are rumors spreading around that it might become the new site a big movie studio. Safe to say, we have a lot of pretty cool things to be proud of! 

You don't have to like Cleveland, sometimes even Clevelanders themselves don't like it from time to time (long winters are hard to take). But that doesn't mean we stop supporting it, and we'll always come back - because it's home. The same goes for all of Ohio, and it's called "the heart of it all" for a reason (it actually is shaped like a heart!) I will never be ashamed to call Cleveland my true home. When I finally get the chance to pursue this blog as a freelance career, I plan on staying in Cleveland as my hub - with the opportunity to travel the world time to time. Even if the dreams and future God has in store for me takes me somewhere else, I have no doubt that I will always be coming back to the city and state that I love. That truly says a lot if you ask me. 

Cleveland against the world!


Shirt: Fresh Brewed Tees

Skirt: Target similar skirt

Shoes: Macy's