Hoppy Easter

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday filled with love and blessings!

Easter definitely ranks in the top three for favorite annual holidays (Christmas and Independence Day being the other two). It's an amazing celebration, especially because we get to honor our Savior Jesus Christ who sacrificed His own life and freed us from the sinful chains! I love spending the holiday by going to church, going to visit my family for dinner, and of course watching adorable kids hunt for pastel eggs. 

What I also love about Easter is that it's held at the beginning of springtime. Though I'm more of a summer and fall loving girl, I appreciate spring with all my heart. The weather is mild, flowers are finally blooming, and my birthday takes place during this season! And of course, as a style blogger, I have to share a new favorite outfit for the springtime!


I just recently bought this new floral maxi dress and olive green crossbody bag from Francesca's, one of my top favorite retailers. They just opened up their spring style collection and they have a variety of pretty outfit pieces, it was hard to choose what to buy without spending too much money! Before trying the maxi dress on, I wasn't sure if it was going to look good on me. But then I tried it on and I felt really good in it! It's so darling, comfy, chic, and perfect for spring. I love the floral design, and my hot pink nails match perfectly with it! 

My mom found the bag while I was trying clothes on and told me to wear it with the dress. It matched so well, and the olive green color makes it match with a lot of other colors. Again, perfect for spring!


Of course, I can't leave out my killer bomber jacket from styleNmotion. It looks so spunky and classy with the dress. It also fits well for the occasion since it's still not quite warm outdoors. 

And you can never go wrong with chic black booties by Steve Madden. This entire outfit makes me feel like I'm ready to go to a Coachella festival!



Cleveland Fashionista

Win or lose, Cleveland always rocks! 

Unfortunately, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost Game 5 of the NBA Finals. I will admit that I did shed a few tears, but then I reminded myself about the fact that our team won a championship last year and that they managed to make it to the NBA Finals three years in a row. Cleveland has grown and improved in the past few years, and it will continue to do so in the next years to come. No matter what happens, I will always love and support my city till the day I die! Speaking of which ... 

I got this shirt at the Cleveland Cavaliers Game 4 outdoor fan fest/watch party outside the Q for $25. It was designed by a clothing brand that's very supportive of Cleveland called Fresh Brewed Tees. It's a great fit, it's so soft, and it truly represents my love for the city. There are New York City fashionistas and there are Los Angeles fashionistas, but I'm a straight up and proud Cleveland fashionista! 


I know I say this a lot about most of my outfits, but this shirt really does go great with anything. Jeans, legging, skirts, you name it! I think this denim skirt from Target, my favorite All-Star Converse shoes, and glasses are great additions to the show and give off a sporty, chic vibe. That definitely screams Cleveland Fashionista!


 I wore it the day after I purchased it,  for a night out in Little Italy, CLE (aka the most authentic and charming neighborhood in Northeast Ohio) with my parents. Could it BE any more perfect? Not at all, especially when you have some soft serve chocolate gelato in one hand! 


To those who underestimate Cleveland as a city, think again. First off, LeBron and his team won a championship after miraculously coming back from a 3-1 lead- which had never been done before in NBA history. That same year, the Indians made it to the World Series. Despite not winning, they still made it! We are also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Lake Erie, Swenson's, West Side Market, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Little Italy (obviously), Playhouse Square aka the largest performing arts theatre district outside of New York, Blossom Music Center, and Cedar Point aka the Roller Coaster Capital of the World which is only an hour drive away. A long time ago we also used to have an actual SeaWorld park in the area which was neighbors across the pond from the now abandoned Geauga Lake, which there are rumors spreading around that it might become the new site a big movie studio. Safe to say, we have a lot of pretty cool things to be proud of! 

You don't have to like Cleveland, sometimes even Clevelanders themselves don't like it from time to time (long winters are hard to take). But that doesn't mean we stop supporting it, and we'll always come back - because it's home. The same goes for all of Ohio, and it's called "the heart of it all" for a reason (it actually is shaped like a heart!) I will never be ashamed to call Cleveland my true home. When I finally get the chance to pursue this blog as a freelance career, I plan on staying in Cleveland as my hub - with the opportunity to travel the world time to time. Even if the dreams and future God has in store for me takes me somewhere else, I have no doubt that I will always be coming back to the city and state that I love. That truly says a lot if you ask me. 

Cleveland against the world!


Shirt: Fresh Brewed Tees

Skirt: Target similar skirt

Shoes: Macy's

Fall Fever

Finally, it's sweater (vest) weather! 

I just had the best fall break! I didn't do a whole lot, but that sometimes is the best type of break. I slept in every morning, I ate healthier (cause you know college food), went shopping, saw Keeping Up With The Joneses (surprisingly very funny!), and of course spent a great quality time with my family and friends from my hometown. I was exhausted from midterm exams and doing homework all the time, so a four day break was very necessary. And plus, it gave me more time to write this blog post! 

When my mom and I went shopping, I bought a few new clothes and I am eager to share them, I think they are just perfect for fall. And of course, what's a fall fashion photoshoot without pumpkins and everything fall-related?! 


The first part of my outfit I want to share are my new pair of light blue ripped mom jeans from Anthropologie. They're perfectly slim and high-waisted, and they are so comfy! At first, when I tried them on, I thought they are a bit tight, but aren't all jeans like that at first? After a while, they became more easy to put on and now I can last throughout the entire day without feeling one bit uncomfortable. I also finally have a pair of jeans that are more ripped, so that makes me very happy! 

Everything at Anthropologie is twenty percent off at the moment, so it's best to buy these jeans as soon as possible! 

My shoes, actually technically my mom's shoes, are designed by Børn and can be bought from Nordstrom. They are so comfy and chic, I'm going to have a can a pair for myself that I can wear all the time. Mom jeans and shoes worn by my mom, it's definitely obvious where I get my fashion sense from. 


Of course, I have to prepare for the chilly weather with a black long sleeve shirt from Target (designed by Merona), a black choker necklace from Francesca's, Ray Bay half frames from Sunglass Hut, and my new favorite gray sweater vest from Apple Tree. The vest is probably one of my new favorite fashion pieces for fall. I love how long it is and the soft material it has. It looks great with shirts, pants and dresses. Plus, it has pockets! 

Fall is a beautiful and pleasant time of the year that must be cherished every second as the leaves continue to fall and pumpkins continue to grow. When you have the chance, go on a beautiful fall hike or go to a farm and pick some of the best pumpkins to carve or eat. Also, find that one outfit, whether dressy or comfy, that makes you feel confident, lovely, and expresses the beauty of fall and what it means to you.

Make sure to bundle up though, it's getting cold out there! 

Vest: Apple Tree similar vest

Shirt: Target

Jeans: Anthropologie

Shoes: Nordstrom

Necklace: Francesca's

Sunglasses: Sunglass Hut