Morning Class

I know what you're thinking. "Oh great, class again" ... But don't worry, I won't be lecturing you on any boring material! Unless you despise fashion topics, so this may not be for you. 

As you may have guessed, I am back at it with the whole college thing. I am now a sophomore interested in switching my major to Marketing with a possible double major or minor in PR (Public Relations). First week of classes can be rough, but I'm pulling through. Sort of. 

But anyway, there's a lot of other people out there returning to college and start their first year. It can be pretty overwhelming at the beginning, having to adjust to a new atmosphere and managing your own time. I can assure you that once you find the right balance and gain the motivation, everything with fall into place. One thing I notice that most college newbies are concerned about at first is what to wear to class. Honestly, dressing up or dressing down does not give you bonus points. Classes are the one place I can wear sweatpants and look like I just rolled out of bed without worrying what everyone else thinks. I'm honestly intimidated by girls who wear skinny jeans or a fancy blouse to a eight in the morning class, I have no motivation to pretty myself up that early! Let me be straight up honest and say that no one else gives a shit about what you wear, unless you're being taught by LeBron James. 

When it comes to morning classes, I like to go all comfy and casual when I'm in no mood to shower early. Due to fall coming around the corner, I like to dress in warm clothes and slip-on shoes in case it's a little warm outside. When it starts to get a little cold, a pair of sneakers or boots may be a better option. 

My white striped crop tank is from Madewell, which I bought at the Grove in LA this summer. I love it because it's the best and cutest go-to tank, and it's not too cropped either. 

My leggings are from none other than lululemon, which also has a lot of other cool designs for leggings online and at the store. And of course, my favorite cream-colored knit cardigan from Urban Outfitters always saves the day! 

Since summer isn't quite over yet, I like to throw on some comfy black flip flops from Sperry along with my Banana Republic frames to add a little more dorkiness to the look. 

I always want to point out that this tote bag of mine, which I've had since high school, is AWESOME. It's perfect for any class or any trip and it goes with every outfit. I love it, I definitely recommend it for any college student! 

Hair buns are always a great option for when you have no desire to style it, especially if you have thicker hair like me. And a little bit of makeup or no makeup at all is perfectly acceptable. 

I want to send a big shoutout to my wonderfully talented and amazing RA and friend Kailey for taking these awesome pictures, you're the best! <3 And good luck to all new and returning college students! 

Shirt: Madewell similar shirt 

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

Leggings: Lululemon 

Shoes: Sperry's

Glasses: Banana Republic similar frames

Bag: Macy's