The New Year

As they say, new year = new me! Although, I am still pretty much the same person as of right now, and I hope to be forever more. 

I cannot believe we are already in 2017, time just flies by! It feels like yesterday was February of 2015 when I was almost done with my senior year in high school and I found out that Emma Watson was going to play Belle in the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. Since then, I have been anticipating for 2017 to come just so I could see the movie! Now it's already the middle of January this year and the movie comes out in less than sixty days!

Of course, I'm excited for much more this year than just one highly anticipated movie. I will be turning twenty-one in May, I'll finally be legally allowed to drink wine and that's something worth celebrating! My sister is also graduating college that same month, so I'm very excited to watch her receive her diploma and make success in the upcoming future. Plus, I finally got approval to start Malone University's first ever fashion club! I cannot wait to start planning meetings and cool events for the campus. It was also give me a great opportunity to prove myself as a leader! 

And on a little side note, Amine's song "Caroline" has over 68 million views on YouTube for its music video, so for me that's pretty cool to have my name in a song title popular worldwide!

But truly, my biggest goal for this new year is to become not only a better person but a better version of myself. I consider myself a kind person to begin with, but I want to work on being more giving and considerate of other people's feelings. I want to volunteer more, stand up for others more, and be an inspiring leader to others. I also want to take action this year by becoming more bold and overcoming my anxiety as well as helping other people who struggle with mental health issues. 

I know my anxiety will never go away fully, everyone lives with some extent of anxiety. But this year I want to make it my goal to worry less and to enjoy the moments that I am in before they pass. I become so emotionally exhausted when my anxiety level rises, and it makes it harder to confront people even if they are friends or relatives. I also compare myself with other people way too much. It's not good for mental health at all, especially since God is the one who made me in His image just the way He wants me to be. 

I also get so overwhelmed with time management, even when I'm not that busy. With anxiety, it feels like you have one thousand things to get done when in reality you only have two or three. It also always feels like you're forgetting something important, such as a big homework assignment or something you were supposed to pack for a trip. I believe that if I begin to let my anxiety go a little more, I won't feel like my life is constantly unbalanced. I do also want to work on my time management, that could be really beneficial!  

I really do believe that this can be the year that I control my anxiety and show off my bolder side. I often worry that I'm too much of a people-pleaser and it might make other people believe that I'm weak and will say yes to anything and anyone, but that is definitely not true. I have a voice and I can stand and speak what's on my mind. If you know me personally, you know how strong I am (and very sassy). My college friends have once referred to me as "spunky", and that honestly is one of my favorite words that I have ever heard someone use to describe me. I like being spunky because it means that I am a very confident and positive person, even though sometimes I don't feel that way. I want to continue to be spunky, as well as gain more spunk by the end of the year! 

Even though I know that I am a positive person on the outside and inside, I need to improve my positive attitude. There are many times when I am doubting myself and it feels like there is no hope left inside of me. I know God has big plans for me, and I need to trust Him.  Therefore when I put faith in Him, I need to be positive. I will begin to focus on seeing the glass half full rather than empty and not let any form of negativity bring me down. 

To sum up, my main resolution for this year is to be more mentally healthy and to give myself more freedom of choice. But of course I have many minor resolutions as well, such as travel to new places, eat healthier, do more meditation practices, make new friends, pray more, read more, help others, get better grades, work hard to make my blog grow, work hard in general, take time to relax, and to continue to follow my passions. I really do believe that many of my biggest dreams will be accomplished this year. All it takes is a little bit of faith and dedication! 

2016 was by far the best year of my life, despite many people saying that it was a terrible year. Honestly, I have to disagree. I'm also pretty sure that 1665 was a lot worse when everyone caught the plague and died. Just saying.

The way I see it is that as I grow older, I think the years get better. So many memories and accomplishments are made and the upcoming years offer even more exciting opportunities to look forward to. I am determined that 2017 will be an amazing year with plenty of new chances, accomplishments, memories, and a great opportunity to start becoming a better person and to live a happier and more healthy life.

Just remember to live in the moment as much as possible this year will fly by, and I'm serious! I couldn't believe how fast 2016 was! When you take time to appreciate every wonderful new day that God has gifted you with, you will start to live life to the fullest. I believe that is what everyone's new years resolution should be. 

Pictures: Courtesy of Juliana Cole Photography

Shirt: Zara

Jeans: Anthropologie

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Scarf: Anthropologie

Coat: Zara similar coat