New Trends for the New Year

One of the biggest questions that normally comes up around New Years is, "What are going to be the biggest new trends this year?" It's a curious thought. The beauty of fashion is that once something goes trending, everyone wants to try it out. It can go from the most simple look to something so unique and bizarre yet everyone want to wear it, that's just how trends work! But as of right now, no one is really sure of what's going to be a huge style breakout in 2018 except for fashion experts.

So as a fashion blogger, I did my research as well as came up with my own predictions. Some of them may not be true, but we can still try them out even if that is the case! 

More Hoodies  


Hoodies have been around for a long time and are quite a popular fashion choice. However, it seems it is now trending big time with more style. Like this hooded cardigan, could it be any cuter?! Most fashion trends from the past few years have been combinations of cute and cozy (boyfriend jeans, bralettes, even sweatpants!), so I wouldn't be surprised if hoodies become a a more popular choice when going out in style. 


More Off-The-Shoulder ... and Shoulder Pads?  


We all are very aware of how popular the off-the-shoulder trend has become, it's one of the most stylish looks out there. First it started with the shirts and dresses, and now it looks like off-the-shoulder sweaters are making a huge breakout. And we're one-hundred percent okay with that!

I also read on Vogue that stated 80s shoulder pads are making a comeback. Honestly, I don’t know if I can picture that considering most styles from the 80s are long gone. But hey, what’s wrong with being a little wacky every now and then? The 1980s is one of my favorite fashion eras, so I wouldn’t mind bringing a little bit from it back! 


More Platforms (and the color red) 


Most platform shoes used to be mainly just heels and never very comfortable to wear. But over the past few years, most platform shoes have become more walkable and comfier, like these BP Monika platform mule slip-ons. They're so comfortable, and chic! It doesn't matter what height they are, I could walk around downtown all day with these shoes on!

Another upcoming trend I read on Vogue was that the color red is going to become more popular. That makes me super excited, especially since red is one of my favorite colors and a bold color I can pull off well. I can't wait to see it become more bold in the new year! 



So those were my predictions for the biggest fashion trends of 2018, what are yours? Comment down below and share! 

Cardigan: Hello Mae

Sweater: Poppy Apparel

Jeans: Anthropologie - similar jeans

Shoes: Nordstrom

Necklace: Francesca's similar necklace