Chi-Town Lady

"Jump In" To The City

Chicago is a more classy-vernon of New York City. And the crowds are more small, so it's even more fun and easy to stand out. This summer, I have been a little obsessed with jumpsuits. I'm not because I want to follow the trend, but because I think it is a type of outfit that can be worn creatively and is perfect to stand out in, especially in a city like Chi-Town. 

I've owned my own jumpsuit before, and thankfully I found the perfect one at Anthropologie. I love the material and design. The pants of the suit are wide enough to be comfy while walking or sitting. Also you can wear it with the straps or strapless, it's very great for classy or casual events. 

If you're wearing a strapless jumpsuit, a necklace will look glamorous. If it's strapless like the way I'm wearing it (it's a little hard to tell with my long hair), than I would say no to the necklace and yes to chandelier earrings!  

What I love most about this jumpsuit is that I kind of feel like Sandy Olsson from Grease. Speak of the devil, it's a good thing I have a black leather jacket to go with it!

It's summertime, so sandals are highly acceptable. These wedges from Nordstrom match the navy and gray colors of the jumpsuit very well. 

Jumpsuit: Anthropologie

Shoes: Nordstrom    

Earrings: Francesca'ssimilar earrings

Jacket: Unknown - similar jacket


Uptown Girl

Not all parts of Chicago are extremely classy, just so you know. Wicker Park (an uptown neighborhood) is not as urban as downtown. However, it's a very hip and fun area to go visit, it's not a dirty ghetto area. So I thought an outfit that is a little more hip-looking would be appropriate for a casual pizza dinner. 

My long-sleeve crop top is from Urban Outfitters, which I bought while in California. To keep the outfit a little more sophisticated, I match it with my button front denim skirt from Target. Because these skirts have become such a big trend this summer, I had to get one for myself! The shirt and skirt together create a very hip and urban style that looks good uptown or downtown. 

Of course, we can't forget these sporty chic All-Star Converse sneakers from Macy's!


Any type of accessory works well with the style of this outfit. Less or more, it brings a lot of character to your fashion. My one major jewelry piece that makes the outfit dazzle is this pebble stone necklace from Francesca's. It has the perfect flair of femininity to go with a more casual outfit, almost like her royal highness undercover as a city resident!  

Shirt: Urban Outfitters similar shirt

Skirt: Target

Shoes: Macy's

Necklace: Francesca's -  similar necklace