Moral in Floral

Hey, guys! 

Sorry for the long delay, I was so busy studying for final exams all last week and taking them this week. I'm so exhausted, literally. So much studying and writing to do in so little time! But thankfully, now they are all over and I am officially on summer break! Which means ... more blog posts! Yay! 

On an even brighter, it is May! It's one of my favorite months. It's the the time of the year when spring really looks the most beautiful, no classes, the weather is a lot warmer, and it's my birthday month! I'm going to be turning twenty-years old in fifteen days, oh my word. 

I have a ton of blog ideas planned for May as well as this coming summer, along with the help of my newly blogger partner, Natalie Hillyer! (Go check out her website and subscribe) I'm super excited for these next few months that I have off, so let me start off with a fresh new fashion blog for May!

This is my Saraid Dress that I bought from Anthropologie during my trip to New York City. I figured it would be perfect for May because of the floral design. It was made by HD in Paris, which is one of the store's biggest fashion designers. I love the colors, it's a good fit size, it's the bottom is very flowly, and I bought it for a very good price of $40! 

I do not have any pictures of the shoes I am wearing, but I have on my black pumps from J. Crew. Depending on the occasion, any shoe that matches the colors or the event would be perfect. 

As for jewelry, I do not think you need to accessorize too much with this outfit. I usually go for smaller amounts of jewelry pieces. Earrings, not too big or crazy. Rings, very simple. Bracelets, none (due to very long sleeves). Necklaces, I think this is a good dress to wear one with. But a big sparkly and colorful necklace probably would not be the best option. I recommend a simple chain with a pendant, like the one I am wearing down below. It's gold and has my first initial on it. I got it from Urban Outfitters, and I wear it all the time! 

I feel so free after finishing this semester! College is tough, but I love it. Now I am ready for a nice, long summer break! So stay tuned for more posts to come! And remember, keep sparkling! :) 


Dress: Anthropologie

Necklace: similar necklace

Shoes: J. Crew