Prom season is just around the corner! It makes me sad when I see online prom dresses or people out shopping for dresses now because it just reminds me that I'm a college student with no life. Hahaha, just kidding! But for real, I really miss prom. 

Though I want to cry tears of sorrow as I see all these beautiful gowns that I could be buying if I was still in high school, I enjoy looking at pictures of a group of friends all dressed up like royals and getting ready for their big night. I love the variety of colors, the style/material of dresses, hair, makeup, nails, shoes, practically everything! And of course, having dates that dress up in fancy schmancy suits, so classy and perfect. But hey, as long as you got a group of your best friends then you don't need a date!

So anyway, I decided to write a prom-based fashion blog for anyone who is looking for a dress. For my senior year prom, I wore a beautiful ballgown that I bought from a prom shop called Henri's. It was originally designed by Sherri Hill, who is known for making beautiful and sparkly ballgownsI normally am not a huge fan of big and puffy ballgowns, but I think it was worth it for that night. What's great about it is that it's not too extreme or all-out. It has simple colors (light pink and nude), light sequins, and it looks very graceful. I believe that this is a gown that Kate Middleton could totally pull off. But let's be honest, Kate Middleton can wear anything and look fabulous ... 

I really felt like a princess that night. The dress is like a combination of Cinderella, Princess Aurora, and Belle. Cinderella because of the sequins and fluffy skirt, Princess Aurora because it's pink, and Belle because she's the Disney princess that I most look like (and she's one of my top favorites!) 

To go along with the dress, I wore teardrop pearl studs from Charming Charlie's, a sparkly tennis bracelet from Charming Charlie's, and silver sequin high heels that I have worn to almost every single high school dance. 

For beauty, you can do almost everything with this dress. I had my hair curled and pinned into a simple low updo. It would also look cute curled down, but I thought, 'Well, I don't get my hair put into a fancy updo a lot, so let's just go for it!' I'm very glad I got an updo, I think it makes the dress look even more classy and regal. For makeup, I wouldn't go too bright or too much. I just kept it super simple with light nude/pinkish eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, and nude lip gloss. I did actually wear false eyelashes, which is something I normally don't use for makeup! Finally for nails, I just did the fancy French manicure/pedicure. It pretty much goes with whatever you where, and it looks perfect!

If you want my advice for having the best prom ever, just have fun with it. Wear whatever dress makes you feel most beautiful, do whatever hairstyle, makeup, or nails you think would look best with that dress. Get a big group of your closest friends to take fun and memorable pictures with, you don't need a date to go with you! And most importantly, just remember to enjoy every moment of that night before it ends. I look back on my last prom and wish I could re-live it. I miss dancing with all of my friends and feeling like a princess. But instead of moping about never going to prom again, I just look back on those memories and smile because it was a night that I will truly never forget. 

Dress: Henri'ssimilar dress

Shoes: Dillard's similar shoes 

Earrings: Charming Charlie's similar earrings 

Bracelet: Charming Charlie's similar bracelet