Caroline in the City

New York City is considered one of the fashion capitals of the world and during my visit I certainly wanted to ensure that I fit in well and didn't necessarily look like I was a fashion laggard.  Therefore, I put quite a bit of thought into packing my outfits and what I was going to wear throughout my trip - both day and night.   Fashion is one of my favorite aspects of New York - and it seems as though pretty much anything goes as well as it is put together well from head to toe.  

Walking Through The Breezy City

Despite the weather being better than we expected, it was still pretty chilly. So instead of bringing regular jackets or scarves, I decided to go with a more stylish look and bring my black sleeveless poncho from Francesca's. It came in very handy, I wore it two days in a row. It feels like a blanket, but with the thickness of a scarf! 

Just in case the poncho wasn't warm enough, I wore my gray sweater from American Eagle to bundle up a little more. Other parts of my outfit include black Zella leggings, black Kohl's boots made by Lauren Conrad, black Ann Taylor sunglassesand of course a brown crossbody bag from Fossil to carry my belongings! 

For beauty references, I didn't worry too much about it. There's no need to make your hair or makeup super fancy. So I just kept it simple with naturally straight hair, both up and down, and simple everyday makeup. It makes the outfit look even more classy and sweet! 


I think this outfit is perfect for any season except summer, and it fit in well with the New York trends and style! 

Poncho: Francesca's similar poncho 

Sweater: American Eagle similar sweater

Pants: Nordstrom

Boots: Kohls

Purse: Fossil

Sunglasses: Ann Taylor similar frames


Broadway Star

NYC is the perfect place to dress up anytime whatsoever! This is one of my absolute favorite dress that exists in this wardrobe. It is from Anthropologie, designed by Darla Tulle, and is perfect for any season. In my mind, it is a combination of Cinderella and Audrey Hepburn. It was perfect to wear for going to Broadway to see Aladdin

Along with the dress, I wore my North Face coat to bundle up for the crisp weather. I also wore my black Elsie suede pumps from J. Crew, my Gail Statement necklace from Francesca's, my brown crossbody bag from Fossil, and my pair of diamond dangly pearl earrings. I cannot remember where I bought them from exactly, but my guess is Charming Charlie's! 

It's a little hard to tell, but for my makeup I did black winged eyeliner, pink eyeshadow, and mauve cake-flavored lip gloss. I felt is was kind of a Princess Jasmine look, which made it relevant for the show we were seeing! 

I am extremely glad that I took this outfit to wear for the trip, it was super perfect for a Broadway show. I couldn't tell if I felt more like a princess or Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's, or maybe a combination of them! 

Dress: Anthropologie

Shoes: J. Crew

Coat: North Face

Necklace: Francesca's 

Earrings: Charming Charlie's - similar earrings

Purse: Fossil

Eyeliner: Sephora 

Lip Gloss: Bare Escentuals




For my final outfit, I picked a type of fashion that has been a large trend this past fall and winter: fur vests! 

I love furry vests so much! I know it seems a little weird considering I'm an animal lover, but I just think they are so stylish and comfortable. Plus, I like to keep up with fashion trends and try out whatever is in style.

The fur vest that I wore, pictured down below, is from Target, along with the white lace long-sleeve shirt/blouse (I got them both for very cheap deals!!!). Along with the shirt and vest, I chose to wear my new brown leather skirt from Ann Taylor, which I also got for a very good deal! I am in love with this skirt because it's perfect for nights out or for business/work occasions. 

The rest of my outfit included my black Lauren Conrad boots from Kohl's, a long gold necklace from Francesca's, my brown crossbody purse (which matched with the skirt perfectly!!), my North Face coat (in case the weather got too cold), and my pink studs from Francesca's. 

The back of my fur vest. 

The back of my fur vest. 

Since my outfit involved more neutral colors, I decided to make my makeup pop a little bit by using a royal raspberry lipstick from Sephora. If you ever feel like your outfit is too plain, feel free to add some bright color to the look! 

You want to know an ironic fun fact? The sign above me in the two pictures above says "Caroline"! It was so cool, it felt like it was named after me! Plus, it's relevant to the title of this blog! Well, I guess everyone should now refer to me as "Caroline in the City". :)

Purse: Fossil

Shirt/Blouse: Target similar shirt

Vest: Target similar vest

Skirt:  Ann Taylor

Boots: Kohls

Necklace: Francesca's similar necklace

Earrings: Francesca's - similar earrings

Lipstick: Sephora

Coat: North Face