Classy & Sassy

I can't believe winter break is already over! I just moved back into my college dorm room last night and got everything situated. I feel very organized and I am on a good schedule with my classes so far, plus the best part was returning to all of my friends! It just feels weird that winter break just ended, it didn't even feel like three weeks! I do miss my home, family, and dogs. But I'm glad that I'm back at my second home, Malone University, and I am ready to tackle semester two! 

For Monday's fashion blog, I did a photoshoot on Saturday with my sister Lauren at her 21st birthday party. She is a photography minor, and her pictures are absolutely amazing. If you ever have some time, check out her photography blog: Bold Rose

For the party, I wore my new turtleneck tank from Anthropologie. This shirt is absolutely comfortable and snazzy. I used to not be a big fan of turtlenecks, but now I wish I had more! If you're looking to find a good turtleneck, I highly recommend Anthropologie. They have all the perfect ones you could imagine. 


My pants are from Ann Taylor. It's a little hard to tell but if you look closely, they are black leather.  They're a little uncomfortable to put on at first, but after a while they don't feel too tight. I even wore them to the movie theaters! 

I didn't go too crazy with my accessories. I just picked some simple and charming pieces. If you look closely in the picture below, I'm wearing a long, gold necklace which I think might be from Francesca's, but I may be wrongWhen it comes to turtlenecks, I like wearing longer necklaces to fit perfectly on the neck piece. Plus, it focuses more on the shirt rather than the necklace. 

I also wore my favorite bracelet from Pandora. No description on why Pandora is awesome needed. 

I recently just bought a pair of black pumps from J. Crew, and it might be the best purchase I've ever made on any type of clothing! They were a bit pricy, but it was totally worth it to buy them. They literally go perfect with any dressy outfit. Dresses, pants, skirts, you name them! 

Finally, for my earrings, I chose my diamond studs. I've had them for a while, so I can't remember exactly where I bought them from. They were very cheap, I will say that. You can most definitely purchase a similar pair from Francesca's, Charming Charlie's, Claire's, or Icing for less than ten bucks. 

To sum up, I think this outfit is both classy and sassy, hence the title. It is very sophisticated, but has a sort of sexy tone to it. It's definitely perfect for parties and night outs, anywhere you go basically. Classy is the new sassy, and that's better than dressing trashy! (Don't mind my Dr. Seuss rhymes.) 

Shirt: Anthropologie similar shirt

Pants: Ann Taylor similar pants

Shoes: J. Crew 

Necklace: Francesca's similar necklace 

Bracelet: Pandora